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  • Lost ❥ Colby Brock ✔
    214K 4.3K 61

    Note: This was my first story and it sucks ass I honestly don't know how it got this many reads since it deserves -1,000 but umm enjoy reading it I guess... • • Grace is a straight-A student, she's nice to everyone, and she's a good girl but still has no friends in her Junior year of High School. She sits alone in cla...

    Completed   Mature
  • Psycho ❥ Colby Brock
    65.1K 1.5K 32

    Colby Brock has been in a mental asylum for eight years. But, one day he escapes and no one can find him. Until, a girl ends up finding him living in the woods behind her house. Colby finds this girl somewhat intriguing and soon finds out that he's fallen in love with her. But, he knew that she'll never love him becau...

  • "Do you really love me?"// Colby Brock
    1.5K 49 9

    A story in which a broken girl falls for her old bully who helplessly wanted nothing but the best for her, but his best friend had to get in the way. Alana and Colby try to work things iut with the help from their friends while riding through thick and thin together until Colby finds out something that could potantial...