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  • Aikatsu Stars! Sequel
    12.1K 424 22

    This is what I was hoping that it would happen after Yume "rejected" Subaru and when Yume meets up with Laura again at the World Aikatsu! Cup. It's obviously a SubaYume Fanfic. :D I don't own anything except the plot. *Thinking to myself* This is gonna be so bad!

  • The Ones Within: Utaite Version
    16.8K 1.4K 52

    Many famous players have been disappearing just before clearing the game The Ones Within Genome. As a result it's called the "Disappearing Game". Soraru, a mystery let's player, wakes up in another location just before clearing the game and meets other let's players who suffer the same destiny as him. They meet the...

  • Irony (Kimetsu No Yaiba Fanfiction [On Going])
    15.1K 481 17

    The devil's daughter that's what they call her, an outcast in the society, hated by the people that supposedly should love her, hated by the world she's stepping on and hated by her own life... How about a second chance in life? Will it be wonderful? or it's ironically shitty too?

  • CANCER (Yandere!Husband X Reader)
    137K 4.1K 55

    (Y/n) is the wife of the Ainsley's son, Leo Ainsley. They were once a perfect couple. Once. Many people find them quite a charm, but behind those charm is a cruel reality of their relationship. (Y/n) was abused, mistreated and was kept hidden behind the mansion walls. Her husband's eyes and attention was all on her...

  • Suki Kirai 《Karma x Reader》
    14.6K 537 34

    ❝This is our story and this is the truth... All of us are connected with a single string... That string... is me myself...❞ a forgotten past "(f/n)-chan~ You're so cutee~" "W-Wha?! Stupid!" "I like you, (f/n)-chan~" an unknown past "If only I've never met you, my life wouldn't be like this! And she would've never suff...

  • The Ones Within x reader
    5.8K 149 5

    There isn't any in English so I decided to take one for the team and make one --- - Akatsuki Iride - Karin Sarayashiki - Kaikoku Onigasaki - Anya Kudō - Zakuro Oshigiri - Himiko Inaba - Yuzu Roromori - Makino Aikawa Possible characters to add? - Paka

  • Collection of IoRiku {Discontinued}
    1.1K 62 8

    Just as the title says; some chapters of IoRiku. Before you start to read, I want to remind you this isn't proofread by someone. So, yeah. {This fanfic is discontinued.} Highest ranking: #1 in i7 Has participated for #UnlimitedPride 2019

  • Spriggan Wings || A Zervis Fanfiction
    9.6K 472 14

    Mavis didn't die when she and Zeref committed the ultimate contradiction. In fact, it only strengthened their love. Empress of Alvarez a short while later, Mavis does all she can to hold in the self-inflicted hate she feels for Fairy Tail. After all, her Fairy Wings were tainted the moment she chose to fall for the b...

  • My Otome Boyfriend is voiced by My Bestfriend!? 【Complete】
    1.3K 52 6

    Airis's love for otome games has taken over her life. Her favorite otome game's boyfriend's voice actor has kept his/her name off the character selection screen so no one can find out about the voice actor. But for Airis, she will soon know who voices her lovely virtual boyfriend.

  • | UNIQUELY GIFTED | Bungou Stray Dogs [Reader-Insert]
    3.7K 120 5

    There is only 2% out of 100% chance of people owning such things called 'abilities' there are many categories of 'abilities' but one category stands out from the rest.. and that is the 'Uniquely gifted' 'Uniquely Gifted' is one of the categories of abilities and is very rare for some person(s) or peo...

  • To Shine a Light and Shock My Heart [Laxus x Reader x Sting]
    138K 4.4K 58

    (Y/N) (L/N) was once Laxus Dreyar's girlfriend, but after he was expelled from Fairy Tail, the two wizards went on a break from each other. During this break, right after the Grand Magic Games, the White Dragon Slayer developed a strong crush on (Y/N). Sting starts to hang around (Y/N) too much for Laxus' liking. But...

  • ( Editing) Searching For Him ( Acnologia x Reader )
    363K 12.2K 124

    Sequel to A Story From 400 years ago Waking up in a field of (F/F), (Y/F/N) found herself 300 years into the future?! Hoping to return home, (Y/F/N) joins Fairy Tail... This story follows the adventures of (Y/F/N) and group of newly found friends... Please do not steal my work. Please do inform me of any errors or any...

  • A Story From 400 years ago ( Acnologia x reader )
    154K 5K 33

    What fueled his determination to destroy all dragons? This story is about (Y/F/N) and her relationship with Acnologia before the fall of the Dragons. Please do not steal my work. This is my first fanfiction so if thr are any errors or any way to improve, do tell me Thr will be short chapters but I will update as soon...

  • A Dimensional Tune (Yandere Twins x Reader)
    371K 18.9K 46

    What happens when you become the entertainment for two yandere twins in a twisted fantasy world. Will you experience only a world filled with nightmares, or will you experience pleasure? How about both. I do not own the cover picture or the videos used in the story. This story is also on Quotev under my profile name...

  • RE:VALE x Reader (Idolish7)
    8.1K 263 24

    You are just an ordinary worker at a very ordinary company. You felt so dead inside. The only thing that keeps you alive is your idol, Re:vale. Sometimes you work so hard so you can buy their merchandise. This time, you got the chance to join their Concert. The concert is just your beginning to know the truth behind t...

  • Stuck In The Middle ⟼ Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru
    3.1M 117K 50

    Being one of the few 'commoners' in a Ouran high school was anything but easy. Making scholarship honor role was hard for you unlike your best friend Haru, who managed to maintain it steadily and some odd extra curricular activities... And being the curious dame you are, you had to find out... After meeting a pair...

  • The Deceiver|| O. Dazai
    7.6K 335 11

    Port Mafia Dazai Fanfiction|| "If you're gonna be one of us then you have to leave it all behind. Erase who you used to be because she doesn't exist anymore."|| **S L O W U P D A T E S** Highest: #13 bungoustraydogs #1in osamudazai Disclaimer: I don't own bungou stray dogs, all rights go to Kafka Asagiri I don'...

  • You Left Me Alone - Chuuya x Reader x Dazai {Bungou Stray Dogs}
    27.7K 610 17

    (y/n) (l/n) was abused as a child, and would later fall in love with two people in her life, Chuuya and Dazai, who were both childhood friends. Will she confess her feelings? Who will she choose? Continue reading to find out!

  • The Lost Fugitive-Bungou Stray Dogs
    46.3K 1.1K 34

    (Y/n) was slave, serving the Port Mafia one day ago. She doesn't have any ability, she's harmless and fragile woman. But then she decided to escape and run away from the Mafia. Their obsessed Boss, Ougi Mori, is in love madly with the female. He would make bunch of orders to find her just to be with him. However, the...

  • Bungou Stray Dog's One Shots - or whateva-
    69.4K 1.9K 32

    Exactly what the title says. You can request anything and I'll write it! :) (except lemons I'm sorry ): • !!!!! • This does NOT have to be a _______ x Reader It can be an AU like the Port Mafia Orchestra vs. The Armed Detective Agency Orchestra, or it could be between someone else and another character. • !!!!! • T...

  • Bungou Stray Dogs x Reader [ +christmas edition]
    36.2K 657 27

    A book that contains your imagination! =3 We do not own any of the picture! :3 We accept Request! Please Enjoy now! :3 Follow us if you want to read more! 030

  • Yandere! Abusive Ex Boyfriend x Reader
    151K 2.5K 28

    He broke up with you but he wants you back no matter what.

  • High school star musical/ starmyu x reader scenarios
    32.5K 835 24

    Requests are open. Imagine these boys as ur bfs? It's every fangirl's dream to have one of them. Anyways I'll also be posting imagines so yh ^_^

  • Idolish7 (Various x Reader)
    65.6K 1.4K 54

    Dis Ikemens will dance and sing for ya *wink wink* (kms) {CLOSED for Requests, FOR NOW} ▶ I'm open for requests when I'm free, so feel free to message or comment ▶Any scenarios will be fine ;) (fluff,AU etc) Enjoy reading you guys,hopefully it can make you happy or jump a little because of happiness ;D Follow me for...

  • Little devil (Kujo Tenn X reader)(Idolish7 fanfic)(oneshot)
    2.8K 109 1

    You were trying to pull a prank on your boyfriend, Tenn. What is his reaction when the prank worked? Note : I do not own the Anything except this story.

  • Our Secret Night (Reader x Trigger)
    7.1K 94 6

    Reader x Trigger : A new song composer has been called to Yaotome productions for giving trigger a new image...Which turns out to be you!! To understand Trigger's image and create a song which is best suited for them you are spending time with them.For some reason a particular person has caught your attention. The st...

  • Silver Snake (Yandere Prince x Reader)
    264K 7.2K 29

    A kingdom in need of a ruler finds itself tricked unknowingly by their enemy. Their princess, Y/N, is in the hands of the enemy prince, unable to escape without facing charges with treason. Currently editing it to be published... Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #137 #4 in Manipulation 😈 #9 in Fairytales #2 obsession ...

  • Captured | Pirates! Yandere Guys
    190K 7.5K 30

    You're the princess of the Kingdom of Edaesien who has been sent to marry the king to unite the kingdoms, it was your duty as their princess. However, as you're sent you're kidnapped by a group of renowned pirates known as the Deadly Raiders. These yandere pirates have different intentions for your future than what ha...

  • Infatuation - Part II (Yandere boys x reader)
    83.2K 2.8K 35

    Two years after escaping from the six males, (Y/n), now in university is living on with her life as a regular student...but what happens when those familiar faces from the past reappear once more? New emotions and obstacles await (Y/n), but how will she deal with them this time? After all they say things happen for a...

    Completed   Mature
  • What if... 【scenarios, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Edition】
    817K 21.2K 61

    What if scenarios! What if your Ass class boyfriend(s) did something interesting~? Different reactions~? ohoh