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  • IG SERIES #1: Love Me, Heal Me
    2.4K 94 9

    Miracles do exist when it happened to millionaire painter Lyam Timothy Alferez. But because of that horrible accident five years ago he confines into a deep coma and in a wheelchair and to the care of a woman whose beauty taunts him. While, Zoelle Yeshani Imperial is used to difficult patients like Lyam and not easily...

  • TLS 1: Pristine
    3.3K 87 6

    Tram is desperate to find a best way to stop his ulitimate stalker from pestering him until he met a woman on the street and saved her from death. An angelique woman who God sent her to him in an unexpected way. With his cousin's idea, he came up with a plan. A plan that involved that woman he saved before. He know it...

  • EBB Series #4: Dauntless Desire
    4.2K 53 2

    EUROPEAN BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR SERIES (BOOK IV) Throne Drevalli - the Hotelier-Restaurateur Billionaire Bachelor of Europe and dubbed as the Enigmatic and Virulent Business Tycoon of the business world and one of the (4) European youngest billionaire. He is considered to be the most private when it comes to his own lif...

  • EBB Series #2: Savage Heart
    181K 4.3K 64

    EUROPEAN BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR SERIES (BOOK II) Bryce Montreal - the world's hottest billionaire bachelor doctor and one of the (4) European youngest billionaire who always praised by the people for its great contribution in the field of medicine and his academic during his Harvard days. Itong kilalang binata ang siyan...

  • EBB Series #1: One Night Pleasure
    1.3M 21.4K 91

    [SELF-PUBLISHED under IMMAC] EUROPEAN BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR SERIES (BOOK I) Khyfer Casteliogne - the world's hottest billionaire bachelor architect and one of the (4) European youngest billionaire and who is being famous for winning numerous prestigious award in the field of Architecture which made him the greatest arc...

    Completed   Mature
  • EBB Series #3: Playful Destiny
    16.2K 323 7

    EUROPEAN BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR SERIES (BOOK III) Tyrell Lavoisiere de Montaigne - or people recognized him as Tyrell Jecóv Le-Baptiste Lavoisiere de Montaigne, the Prince of France. The world's hottest billionaire bachelor engineer and one of the (4) European youngest billionaire. More of him, he is also a model and a...