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  • The Other McCall ▷ Stilinski
    4.9M 117K 52

    [ BOOK ONE ] ❝ there are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared; twins. ❞ Kasey McCall is the twin sister of Scott McCall... while they look similar, they couldn't be more different... but one thing is for certain, they always have each other's back. In the aftermath of Scott getting bit by a werewol...

  • Weightless ☾Teen Wolf [DISC.]
    67K 3.5K 20

    "Who the hell names their daughter Ryan?" "Really? My brother goes by Stiles, and you're questioning me?" ● ● ● Ryan, Scott, and Stiles. The three invisible musketeers. It had always been just the three of them, leading extra-ordinary lives. Nothing special. And Ryan was perfectly content with that. But on the last ni...

  • Avalanche ▷ Stilinski
    20.3K 389 1

    [ BOOK FIVE ] ❝ cause the weight of it's like hands around my neck.. ❞ The McCall Pack has been through thick and thin-- going up against not only dangerous assassins and evil spirits, but also going to war with each other. They have finally fought their way back to some sort of normalcy when people in Beacon Hills st...

  • Recovery ◦ Scott McCall
    466K 6.4K 5

    "Hey, Deputy. I'm totally into the handcuffs and everything, but would you mind letting me out?" Kayla Dunbar has a real bad habit of getting into trouble. Turns out, she wasn't as bad as her little brother. Season Four of TW. All Rights Reserved © Copyright 2019 | vividparacosm

  • Haywire ▷ Stilinski
    693K 25.6K 38

    [ BOOK FOUR ] ❝ we are always so fascinated when the brain goes haywire. ❞ The McCall pack has been through thick and thin, and even though they've lost members along the way... they've continued to stay strong. All of that goes down the drain the moment that Theo Raeken returns to Beacon Hills, with his sole purpose...

  • In This Together ▷ Stilinski
    2.9M 70.3K 49

    [ BOOK TWO ] ❝ fear is a proof of the degeneracy of the mind. ❞ Kasey McCall has been through more than enough of supernatural drama over the last year or so. Just when she thinks that maybe she can get a taste of being a normal teenage girl, she's sucked away from it. Human sacrifices are plaguing Beacon Hills, and o...

  • Running with the Wolves
    82.1K 3K 99

    Veronica Stilinski lives with her older brother Stiles and her Dad, the Sheriff, in Beacon Hills. She is starting her first year of High School and is going to attend Beacon Hills High. This is the school where her brother, now a junior, and all his friends go. As she begins to spend more time with her brother and his...

  • Fallout ▷ Stilinski
    846K 27.6K 25

    [ BOOK THREE ] ❝ the fallout is still coming, it won't stop for anything. ❞ Money makes the world go round, and Beacon Hills is certainly no exception. Especially when a supernatural deadpool is issued, and every member of the McCall pack's name is on it. Once again, Kasey finds herself being targeted due to her extre...