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  • Fleeting | ✔
    622 180 18

    ❝knowing that our time is fleeting, i let this feeling take control. destroy me, if you wish.❞ pieces of things. teenage feelings & amateur nonsense. a collection of poetry, prose, and everything in between. everything intentional. If you are reading this book on a website other than Wattpad you may be at risk of a m...

  • 𝐧𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐠𝐢𝐚
    143 30 1

    Do you remember all the secrets I would whisper in your ear late at night? When the lights flickered off but the stars twinkled on. In which a girl in her feelings writes a letter to the only boy that has ever loved her. Highest Rank: #18 in toalltheboyscontest #toalltheboyscontest

  • Stuck in Time | #OpenNovellaContest2020 | Round Two
    494 110 31

    PASSED ROUND TWO IN OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST!! *** Historian Patricia Pavlov is a bachelor with a secret: she can skip from one timeline to another by just thinking about it. She had fun watching the Tudors bicker with one-another, shocked by the horrors of the two World Wars, sympathised with Trotsky when he was being re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Flawed
    393 65 17

    [COMPLETED] In the city of Findor when a someone turns Eighteen, a path to the rest of their life becomes illuminated. Some referred to this as a streak, others called it an illuminated map of sorts. We called it Our Destiny. Everyone looked forward to the day that their children would come of age and get their very...

  • Too Young (The Jewel Project #1)
    141K 10K 73

    "Life is a series of choices, kiddo. You either choose to trust me or you don't." Sam Grant had always wanted to become an archaeologist and live a life of adventure. But once he leaves for a study camp in the jungle of Yucatan to get him started on a dream career, he finds that his future job is not a problem. Comin...

  • The Magical and The Mundane
    887 129 10

    Cherile Nickols has been magical for as long as she can remember. For years she's fought in the war raging among the magical people, trying to find a way to end it once and for all. Just when she thinks she's found the one thing that could save the world of magic from total destruction, she finds that she cannot save...

  • Scarlet
    795 41 10

    "A sleek silver missile crashes through the window, as shards of glass fly like deadly snowflakes across the room. By the look and design of it, only one person could have sent it. Nylena." Scarlet's life couldn't be more messed up. Since the time she was in Cresente Scarlet and her best friend Cody found something, o...

  • A Hufflepuff's Loyalty
    4.9K 650 15

    Street urchin Jena finds her life turned upside down when a man tells her she's got magic. He takes her away and gives her a home, on the condition that she serves his Lord. But when the Dark Lord is defeated by a boy named Harry Potter, Jena loses everything. She has never been more mortified than when the Ministry o...

  • Broken Soul
    27.2K 1.3K 40

    Life is only what you make of it, but sometimes things get in the way. For an 18 year old Antoinette, dancing was her life. It was the only thing that kept her mind off of the bruises her alcoholic father inflicted over the years. With dance she could be free to express herself and not live in fear, living day by day...

  • A Thousand Storms
    7.5M 439K 56

    Everly Reed is running from home to a world sheʼs never known, but a memory like hers makes things hard to forget. Her endearing nature and reckless smiles help her settle in quickly. Then she collides with Mason Valdez - all bitter frowns, smirks, and cynical remarks. He shatters her picture-perfect life with a frus...

  • Machiavellian
    315 70 6

    April's JustWriteIt and Camp NaNoWriMo (FIRST DRAFT). Cover by WyPark02. UNDER EDITING. "I just lost my favorite nephew a couple of days ago. And now I have to lose my fianceé too?" It's supposed to be a normal Monday morning for Jikai, except when he doesn't remember anything that happened last night; to be precise...

  • Misfit Theater Company 2
    38.1K 4K 38

    The sequel to the 2018 Watty Award winning novel MISFIT THEATER COMPANY! Having acting roles on "A Call from Midnight" was a game changer for the misfits, but Janie didn't realize it would change everything. Between a whole new theater experience at the start of their junior year, a performance of Shakespeare's "Midsu...

  • Sins of the Sea
    62.9K 4.7K 24

    Born the illegitimate love-child of a disgraced monk and an unknown mother, Sio lives the life of an outcast on the island of Roba. Her only solace lies in the wild waves near their hut where she spends her nights swimming despite her father's warnings. He has always feared the sea, and she never found a reason to ask...

  • The Butterfly Crown
    1.6K 197 10

    Keeva and Avala Doughlas have lived in the same castle for over eighteen years now, yet all the sisters feel towards one another is hostility. On the night of Keeva's coronation, she decides to run away, which turns their entire life upside down. Avala is left to face with the consequences, and against her wishes must...

  • Under the Sea *Book One* Water Trilogy
    73.1K 4K 37

    Complete. Book one in the Water Trilogy. Audrey Pitkus moved from Northern Michigan to sunny Florida after an accident that had caused her to fear the thing she had once loved most- water. Her family tried to make a new life away from the haunting memories of their old home but Audrey finds she can not forget so easi...

  • Silence is Golden
    30.9M 1.8M 50

    Silent. Cold. Chiselled perfection. That is Rikkard Ambrose, the most powerful business mogul in Great Britain. Free-spirited. Fiery. Definitely NOT attracted to the aforementioned business mogul. That is Lilly Linton, his personal secretary and secret weapon. The two have been playing a cat and mouse game for...

  • The Season (Season Series #1)
    10.6M 535K 59

    **A Wattpad Featured Story** Libby Marks-Whelan is decidedly not a lady. Kicked out of nearly every finishing school in the country, she's shocked when her demure, straight-laced cousin Ella invites her to the royal court as attendant during her debutante season. What Ella fails to realize, however, is that Libby's...

    9.5K 392 9

    ❝ The air hummed with tension as he stared at me; his eyes bore into mine sending shivers down my spine. We said nothing; did nothing-we just stood there in painful silence. Despite the lack of communication between us, we both knew. I was going to die, and I brought it upon myself. ❞ A struggling journalist look...