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  • Trashy
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    halo, selamat datang di tempat sampahnya sayur. kalau mau lihat skill sayur yang mendingan, mungkin kamu bisa lihat dari part terbawah. oh iya, skill sayur juga ambyar sekali. 90-sekian% dari trashy adalah collab dengan para good peeps. terimakasih, sampai jumpa!

  • Alluring Graphics(closed)
    8.2K 1.1K 47

    Closed to revamp and change around. Need a cover, banner or whatever then come take a look inside. You might like what you see. Simply book to post my graphics in. For contest ,request or just random ideas from my brain. Hope you check it out and enjoy.

  • dies irae: portfólio gráfico
    62.9K 7.8K 75

    Serão postadas aqui todas (talvez com algumas [várias] exceções) as capas que eu mantinha em "segredo". • Este livro age apenas como galeria. Para pedidos e tutoriais, favor, visitar os demais livros de capas no meu perfil. Obrigada.

  • Fantasia Graphics || Graphics Portfolio
    3.7K 767 19

    As you sip your cup of tea, you notice various types of artwork in the cabin. Tapestries and portraits filled the walls, statues and wooden carvings lined the windows and floor. Fascinated, you ask, "Miss Arlena, are you an artist?" The mistress of the house smiled as she stirred the contents of the cauldron, which bu...

    135K 7.6K 51

    I do commercial (for authors that are going to be published) and non-commercial covers for books! - I am bilingual so I also accept requests in Spanish! Ranked #50 in random 4/12/2018 Ranked #1 in covers 5/6/2019

  • Tập tành edit
    2.4K 288 16

    thấy nhiều bạn có để tên topic vậy =)) Ban đầu mình tính để Vy và chuỗi ngày chật vật với photoshop cơ =))) Nhưng có nhờ bé cùng nhà des cho quả bỉa graphic cool, không để text dài quá được =))) Thôi quay về vấn đề chính, cái này không phải showroom đâu, đây chỉ là nơi mình ghi chú lại những ngày tháng chật vật với p...

  • Sea Storm- A Graphic Shop (CFCU)
    35.7K 6K 62

    [ ] O P E N [x] C F C U [ ] C L O S E D F O R E V E R I finally opened a cover shop! Details inside. Started: July 26, 2018 Ended: - Cover by me, @storms_and_seas All Rights Reserved © 2018 storms_and_seas [Do not steal, copy or repost any of my graphics from this book without permission]

  • Celestial Covers
    36K 6.3K 81

    I have no idea man

  • Palace of Stars || Graphic Portfolio
    9.6K 1.3K 5

    Welcome to my graphic portfolio! My name is Alli May and I have been graphic designing for over five years. I use Photoshop CC on my laptop, along with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, to create the graphics that will be displayed here. I don't make Wattpad covers for free anymore, however, if you're interested in commi...

  • Dark Magic Graphics (Closed)
    67.7K 11K 101

    Welcome one and all to Dark Magic Graphics, a place of awe and mysterious workings that if you dare ask to see, you just may wake up with out memory of the incident. In this place I create things for you to witness and view, to gawk and drop your jaws because for one thing persists, humanity can not deny a chance to b...

  • Waternymph | Closed
    5.2K 918 29

    A graphic shop/portfolio! I design only on mobile (though some graphics in the beginning of this book were made with Pixlr Editor.) :) 1k reads on 8/1/17 2k reads on 8/25/17 3k reads on 9/9/17 4k reads on 12/8/17

  • G R A P E Y A R D
    15.5K 2.6K 114

    ❝ NOW I GOT A BELLYACHE ❞ [a grapeyard of graphics by grace] - [ ] open ; go ahead and request! [ ] open but being selective ; will only accept some graphics which I have inspiration for / deliveries take time [ ] cfcu ; closed for catch up only request if you are willing to wait a long time [✕] closed ; do NOT reque...

  • Starlight: A Graphic Portfolio
    7.9K 1K 10

    🌠Where I pluck starlight from the sky and weave it into my creations🌠 Over here, I'll be displaying some of my favourite works. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think of them. I'll try to respond to all comments :) Open for Commissions and Premades!

  • cover studio (cfcu)
    63.5K 8.5K 191

    In which a cover-maker showcases her graphics and takes requests. PM me with your requests after filling out the form in the first chapter. Enjoy!

  • Graphics || permanently closed
    40.4K 4.3K 196

    Because I was bored and felt like making covers... PLEASE CHECK OUT MY NEW GRAPHICS BOOK "Elysian" FOR REQUEST INFORMATION. THANK YOU :-) Editing/Font apps used: • Superimpose • Picsart (occasionally) • PS Express • Phonto Cover requests: open [ ] temporarily closed [ ] permanently closed [ x ] [Cover contest entrie...

  • Elysian [graphics] || closed
    75.9K 9K 99

    Graphics made by a bored teen... Editing/Font apps used: • Superimpose • PS Express • Phonto (fonts) • Picsart (occasionally) Cover requests: o p e n : [ ] t e m p o r a r i l y c l o s e d : [ x ] p e r m a n e n t l y c l o s e d : [ ] [graphic entries and requests. Please look inside for more details and follow A...

  • Covers Sent Into Competitions
    2.3K 357 42

    i used to do competitions don't look at this you're literally gonna go blind

  • creativity café ; graphics.
    22.1K 2.7K 100

    CLOSED FOREVER, NEW BOOK IS BLISS BAKERY ❝ CARPE COCOA ❞ ( seize the chocolate ) status | closed forever in which zoe throws together a couple graphic meals for you. enjoy your meal at CREATIVITY CAFÉ! highest ranking | R508 [ lowercase intended ] warning | high leve...

  • Cover to Cover | Graphic Shop & Tutorials | CLOSED
    104K 5.2K 56

    A book in which I share tips and take cover requests

  • trouvaille | a graphic book |
    21.8K 3K 123

    ようこそ! after the storm, there is always a rainbow, and after the eternal darkness, lustrous beams of light will shine. [ ] the light has risen; open and running. [ ] the kingdom is falling; closed to reclaim the crown. [ X ] the shadows have arisen; temporarily closed. copyright © 2016 by iridescity-. all r...

  • Victoria's Covers [Closed for Knives]
    37K 5.6K 243

    Welcome to the house of the Vic

    10.4K 1.7K 57

    - CLOSED Welcome to the book in which I make graphics for others - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (c) alwaysbepretty

  • Lunar Covers
    110K 16.4K 199

    I make graphics instead of doing my homework. [ This is not a shop, please do not ask for a cover. ]

    34K 5K 133

    in which a girl who likes to make graphics shares with you a book of her graphic stuff. [✖] open [✖] closed temporarily [✖] closed for catch up [✔] closed forever ___ a graphic journey. copyrighted © ___ [#536 in random as of 2.10.17] [#572 in random as of 5.25.17] [#522 in random as of 5.15.17]

  • bliss bakery ; graphics.
    56.9K 7.3K 116

    ❝ BLISS ; N) PERFECT HAPPINESS ; GREAT JOY ❞ status | CLOSED FOR CATCH-UP in which zoe returns and throws together some more graphic meals for you. enjoy your meal at BLISS BAKERY! graphics book sequel to CREATIVITY CAFÉ. highest ranking | R223 [ lowercase intended ]

  • neverland ; an insomniac's graphic book [ CLOSED ]
    51.6K 5.9K 47

    graphic portfolio + graphic shop current status: CLOSED AND NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS

  • Glowing Butterflies Graphics | CFCU
    83.1K 10.7K 69

    OPEN [] CLOSED [] CFCU [X] MY RICE COOKER HAS BROKEN [] Welcome to my second graphics book! Here, you can request for graphics such as covers and banners. Step inside, and open your eyes to wonders. Premades are ALWAYS open! Let's hope that last one doesn't get an X. highest: #286 in random