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  • Meditations
    3.4K 174 50

    I started to meditate to help with my anxiety, but as I learned more about meditation, it opened my mind up in unexpected ways. This book is a simple guide to starting your meditation practice and a log of my spiritual journey.

  • Lucid Dreaming, Sleep Paralysis, & Astral Projection
    7.9K 159 7

    Lucid Dreaming. Sleep Paralysis. Astral Projection. Tatlong bagay na akala natin iisa lang. What is Lucid Dreaming and how is it differs to Astral Projection? What triggers Sleep Paralysis? How to Lucid Dream? And how to Astral Projection?

  • Rapture #Wattys 2016
    2.8K 625 42

    Are you seeking inspiration. Rapture is a collection of writing, that seek to not only inspire, but also enlighten, empower and support. To assist those who on their spiritual journey of enlightenment, to perhaps unlock doors, they never knew existed, to reach into the deepest parts of you and place a smile there...

  • Shifting Journal
    3.5K 76 18

    In this diary, I will be keeping track of my shifting progress as well as other stuff happening in my life!!

  • A Guide To Basic Meditation
    10K 184 7

    We've all heard about it at some point of our lives meditation! This simple guide will help with anxiety, lucid dreaming and anger issues. If I've caught your attention give me a read and a upvote and finally enjoy! :-)

  • Wiccan Guide to Healing
    68.3K 791 18

    Wicca is a vary misunderstood religion, I have been Wiccan for most of my life, talking to spirits, using energy to help others and learning how to heal not only the spirit but the body as well. I am going to help you better understand this amazing religion and guide you threw how to help others with out messing with...

  • Chakra Basics: Fundamentals of Spiritual Growth
    485 7 2

    Color illustrated, Chakra Basics is the first step in understanding your personal energy wheels. This book has it all whether you are a beginner or advanced in chakra work. You will find fundamental and basic concepts about chakras that will enhance your personal and spiritual growth. This is the book you have been wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chakras In Yoga Meditation and Stress Relief
    14.8K 287 7

    Chakras. The name conjures up an image of a human body with seven swirling energy points along the spine, each one of the colors of the rainbow. But what are chakras all about? What do they represent? How does one work with them? This book starts from the beginning and goes step by step, chakra by chakra, through the...