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  • Shades Of Cool: Noorhelm
    20.2K 275 9

    "Love fucking hurts, in good and bad ways. But the thing that sucks the most, is you usually don't get to choose." SKAM Julie Andem has alllllll the rights.

  • lose yourself / SKAM / chris & eva
    273K 12.5K 55

    Eva tries to get away from her wild past, but Chris lures her right back into it. Life can be such overdose.

  • Left Behind
    7.6K 263 14

    They sit like that till the end of the party silently sipping beer together, her glancing back at Chris from time to time thinking that maybe she's not the only one that gets to feel lonely after all. or, Eva and Chris bond after William and Noora leave to London