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  • Intoxication.
    46.6K 2.7K 48

    The first time I saw him, I didn't know what to think. He was just a shy young man who'd rarely speak and everyone in the neighborhood would simply address him as 'Skipper' I knew he would constantly get bullied by the kids at school, however he'd always shrug it off. It concerned me so I had decided to take him in. I...

  • Rock My World.
    81 1 1

    A short story about a young woman whose life is forever changed when she gets the opportunity to work on the set of a famous pop star short film.

  • C.O.M.E.
    355 14 1

    "You should do that more will you cry" A Janet/Prince short fanfic.

  • Carrie.
    13.4K 819 31

    Mtv is holding a contest! Whoever's the lucky 100th caller will get to go on a date with Prince and he'll escort you to your prom! What happens when that 100th caller happens to be Carrie White...yes, THAT Carrie White. How will things go? *A romance story mixed with horror*

  • Prince Imagines
    2.8K 47 3

    Soooo this is a little collection of smutty one shots about the mighty purple one, because let's be honest girls and boys we've all thought about him in that way 😏👀 Chloe x

  • Forbidden.
    1.7K 106 5

    *Set in 1990* Prince is currently on tour making a stop in Tokyo, Japan. What happens when he meets the shy reserved 18 year old Kaiyu Aiko backstage? Sadness. Joy. Spiritual Awakening. Forbidden Pleasure.

  • Only You
    5.1K 398 18

    Summer of 1975, His name was prince, no literally prince. He's my best friend who I also have a crush on, it's just a shame that he doesn't like me back. I tried everything just to distract my racing thoughts about every single mesmerising feature that he entailed; his eyes, his laugh, his sense of humour. Damnit ever...

  • Sexy MF.
    11.3K 809 22

    Ugh. Originally I didn't even wanna do the stupid video but I needed the money. What I didn't expect was the series of events to occur following the shoot though...I mean, I thought it'd just be a one time thing with this guy but apparently he had other plans and my dumbass fell hard into his trap...*Set during Love S...

  • Christmas Eve.
    3.4K 203 13

    *Just something I felt like writing for the holidays💕* Enjoy y'all! :)

  • Somebody's Somebody
    7K 465 12

    "It's 2:00 in the morning and I just can't sleep...outside the rain is pouring I'm lonely as can be..." *Based on song 'Somebody's Somebody'*

  • My Euphoria.
    3.3K 134 9

    Hello everyone! Just thought I'd write something about two of my faves: Vanity & Prince. Hope you enjoy it!