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  • Amidst The Chase - A Shivika SS
    5K 789 5

    A murder. A suspect. One hell of a chase to get to the culprit. DCP Shivaay Singh Oberoi, one of the top rated officers in India. He had achieved so much at a young age, but deep down, even he knows that all of these wouldn't be possible if not for the chase. That Chase which he has been pursuing from the first day o...

  • The Next Step We Take (COMPLETED) ✔✔
    71.1K 7K 12

    Annika who had returned to India to attend her sister's wedding, ends up marrying her sister's fiancee, Shivaay after a series of dramatic revelations. Will Shivaay and Annika give a chance to this unexpected marriage? Will they take a step foward or a backward in this marriage? Tune in to know more ;) P.S. This is a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart Full Of Memories - A SHIVIKA TS - Completed ✔
    13.3K 1K 3

    A Shivika Valentine in my style ;) After the huge auction of Oberoi Mansion, the whole Oberoi clan got busy into arranging their belongings properly and that's when Anika found something. What is it? Read on to know! ;) Cover by the amazing : @ImLilMissComplicated

  • Broken To Be Mend - Rumya OS (COMPLETED) ✔
    949 83 1

    This is one of the OS I written on Rumya some time ago for a competition but had completely forgot about it. For some reasons, it never got published and yesterday, a dear friend of mine, @EnigmaUnseen found this in her Google Drive and reminded me of this OS. So, cut short, give it a try. I'm sure you'll like it. Ban...

  • A Shivika Series : Jab-Hum
    18.2K 1K 5

    This was supposed to be a token of gratitude as my first book has reached 1K reads, but now since the reads has reached 2K. Anyways, Thank you all for the support from day 1 itself. Cover was by the amazing @ImLilMissComplicated. :)

  • She's Driving Me Crazy!!! (MISSO's spin-off) (ON-HOLD)
    12.7K 684 12

    This book focuses on the second couple of my previous book. It's on RiKara and I'm pretty sure you guys will like it.