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  • "Falling For You - With All My Heart "(Completed)
    116K 5K 49

    "Falling for you" is the teenage love story of swara and sanskar from being stubborn to falling in love. It is a lively ff with fun, masti and romance . A perfect blend of all! A cute love story with enjoyment, fun filled pranks and adorable friendship with a cute and lovely past.. ***************** Note: This is my...

  • My Heartless Queen(Completed)
    86.7K 3.3K 37

    Hi guys.... This is my third ff.... I wrote this long back.... Want to publish in watpadd too.... At starting it was a combined a work.... Me and my frnd wrote.... After 15-20 episodes she got busy and stopped writing.... I continued the rest of the story.... Hope u guys like this ff too....

  • Jab Kalki met Veer (Completed)
    1.5K 146 2

    Story continues after Kalki leaves from Savitri Devi Hospital. In dining table. All r eating dinner. Ks: "Yuk, nutan what u made, this is food? Ur face is not good at least u can prepare something eatable." Nutan: "What r u saying Bhabi ma? I'm very... What was that word..." Bhupi: :"Idiot." Nutan( gives him death l...

  • Sufferings (swasan ss)[Completed]
    43.6K 1.9K 11

    #39 in short stories on 14/08/2017 The story describes the life of a girl who is suffering in her in laws.She is not confident and that is the reason her husband always dominate her.She silently bear all the blames. Then how she will be able to stand for herself and ask for her rights or whether she will fight for her...

    91.2K 3.9K 18

    this story is on swaragini's track where ragini push swara in river ..!! there is no Sanskar's involvement with ragini..!! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Text Copyright © VartikaBansal8™ 2017 The moral right of the author has been asserted. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This story is published subject to the condition that it shall not b...

    Completed   Mature