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  • The Heavenly Awards 2018 [CLOSED]
    1.6K 179 8

    [Closed, Completed] A writing contest for anyone and everyone! Are you an undiscovered writer? Or are you hugely popular? It doesn't matter. The Heavenly Awards does not take into account the amount of followers or reads you have, only the quality of your writing. Do you think you have what it takes to win?

  • Is it real or not?(ON HOLD)
    948 127 33

    "Can we stay together like this forever?"I ask as I looked up at the black eyes that I've grown to love so much. He rubs my back gently with his fingers then kisses the top of my head "This is our forever princesa(princess)" *************************************************** Young, stubborn, beautiful and strong At...

  • Every Were Gets A Mate
    63.6K 3.9K 32

    ** Her mate is not an alpha. ** This book has good grammar. ** No betas, gammas, omegas, or lunas in here. ** These werewolves are unique and more like Teen Wolf werewolves. Many of my readers have said they love these facts, so I thought I'd put them at the start of the blurb for a while :) ACTUAL BLURB: Jessica McI...

  • Misery Loves Company
    211K 15.4K 64

    Her name is Misery, and she does NOT want company. *** It's not every day sixteen-year-old Misery Hayes finds a rock band full of pretty boys on her door step. Actually, it's not every day Misery interacts with humans, because being named after an emotion Merriam...

  • The Story Of A Broken Heart (Wattys2017)
    213 43 10

    What do you do when everything in your life seems to go wrong almost instantly every single day for years on end? Do you give up on life? Turn to sex,drugs and violence? Do you endure and overcome? Well these are the questions Que has asked himself for many years since he was a child when his father murdered his mothe...

  • Tagged
    236 41 4

    In a world where everyone seems to have a hidden agenda, those who come out as - or are suspected of being - homosexual are Tagged, warning others away from them. Angelina Dinno believed the world to be perfect for her. She has two amazing best friends, a caring mom, good grades, and a sweet boyfriend. But when her tw...

  • Torn Apart
    316 59 16

    Melody was told at a young age to keep a journal. It was to help her to cope. She had trouble expressing herself and the counselor said that this could help. So she did. Over the years, she would get out her little book whenever she felt like she couldn't express herself to those around her. She knew she could always...

  • I'll Rise Up - Completed #Wattys2017
    5.6K 1.2K 43

    Under Editing... Can be read as a stand alone. Book 1 of the Lies Told Series Colton backwards hat made him look weird. It don't look right on him at all. ''What's with that look?'' ''That cap doesn't suit you.'' Dawson Sage wants... No. More like needed a fresh start. Herself and mum decided to find a new h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Surviving the Dark
    2.2K 332 34

    Fearing the dark and the shadows within is a common thing. While most grow out of this fear, Isadora has been living in fear and constantly looking over her shoulder for the past 13 years. Believing she is the last of her kind, she runs from her home, never staying in one place for too long and always going to built u...