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  • Reborn
    50 7 7

    Elsa has a strange encounter with a mermaid. Anne goes missing. An ancient evil is being awakened and a shocking discovery is made about Elsa's family. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Frozen, Disney, or any Disney characters.

    228 13 18

    Madeline White suffers the tragedy of her boyfriends loss. She spends a long time mourning him with only one person by her side. College comes by, and she meets Andrew who comes with a complicated past. What she doesn't know is, everyday her smile grows wider. Only because of him. B R O K E N ---------------------- T...

  • I Can't
    10 2 1

    My first allegorical story. What do you think?

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone With A Stranger
    72 21 4

    "were did you go last night?" I asked with a tinge of anger. "I couldn't sleep so I went for a stroll, " Andrea replied avoiding my unfriendly gaze. " I saw you last night taking half of the coconuts we have, were did you hide it," I let my anger burst fort as I scream at his face. "Calm down Scar," "Don't tell...

  • Identity Freak *BTS fanfiction*
    113 13 4

    Life was like a living hell for her until one day a girl changed her ways. Soon after she finds a glass relic and her whole world turns upside down.

  • Sparks that fly
    38 0 5

    In the small town of Huntington nothing much ever happened. That was until a stranger changed everything.

  • Midnight Pleasures
    216 1 8

    Lady Elena has been preparing for coming of age and finding a suitable husband for as long as she can remember. She is skilled in gaining the attention of suitors. But she never expected to gain the attention of the bad boy of society.

  • Black Blades [Canceled]
    71 12 5

    A killer. An observer. Her talents have been sought out. It is up to her to use them on the right side of the law. Young private eye by day, young assassin by night Miu Ohtaka has been recently arrested for a number of murder charges. However she is given an opportunity to live without rotting in prison. The price? Pu...

  • A First for Noel
    1K 56 5

    {Sample} The holiday season is a perfect time for a miracle, and Benjamin Morris is definitely in the market for a miracle. For the last few years, he's thrown everything into building up his business, but despite his best efforts, his coffee shop, A Cuppa Cheer, is going under. The last thing he wants to do is be mer...

  • The Tale of Jacob Glider
    796 21 51

    When Jacob was 4 years old a monster named Fang gave him a scar. No one believes him that Fang existed. Jacob Glider fights monsters and on his journey he meets friends who share similar experiences with him. (This story is finished.) Feel free to comment on anything that you like or think is confusing. Please do not...

  • Love 4 Eva
    106 20 6

    In which a precarious string of lovers is finally cut. The girl with the scissors? Well, wouldn't you like to know... This is the story of Eva and Sola, and how two friends can fall for each other against all expectations. -slow updates until exams are over *some adult themes but never anything explicit*

  • Paragon (Beauty And The Beast) [On Hold]
    202 4 9

    A continuation of the classic tale of "La Belle Et La Bete" months after their supposed "happy ending." Caught amongst a scandal, Flora D'Angelo is forced to leave her past behind to escape certain death. While passing through France she runs into Gaston Legume days away from his own execution. She helps him escape a...

  • The Break Up Plan
    2K 696 35

    "This is just a Break-Up Plan."-Althea Klare Castro. "It is Baby."-Kobe Emmanuel Bautista. Althea Klare Castro was forced to have an arranged marriage with the person she hates. She wants to love and get free from the person she hates named Kobe Emmanuel Bautista after 5 months. But she finds something Unique. A Plan...

  • Six-Pack Challenge Entries
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    Entries for the six-pack challenge in the action genre! Won't cover all prompts as I only just discovered it - starting from prompt three: crime, justice and revenge. Cover by @pepsiguana, go and check out her graphics, she's brilliant!

  • The Family Saviour
    41 7 1

    'The distant roar of the ocean could easily be the Gods laughing at her predicament.' Celeste and Seth are the only providers for Celeste's unable to work parents, but increasing industrialisation has taken chances away from the young couple. With an undignified life on the streets looming, Celeste is offered a devast...

  • KARAA (On Hold)
    324 35 13

    "Sacrifice of true love Will unleash her complete power; When the sun shines during the dawn, All alone she will descend her throne...." A prophecy that twists three lives for the peace in the world... This story contains thrill, adventures, love, secrets along with magic🤗 Read and find out... PS: Hey, sorry for...

  • Under the Moonlight
    8 1 1

    Emily is a high school graduate getting ready to head off to college. But before she leaves, her boyfriend wants one more romantic date that they will never forget.

    26 15 3

    Each one of us is unique, wonderful and beautiful, just the way we are. We don't need to change for somebody else. Show you support for the beautiful people all over the world by taking a part in this campaign. let us all unite together to show how amazing everyone can be. Show your love and support if you...

  • Friend Date
    12 2 1

    When going to a dance with a friend rather than a date, the boundaries are uncertain. You don't know if slow dancing is ok or if holding hands is too much of a boyfriend and girlfriend thing. For me, I was just expecting a good time with a friend, yet I came out feeling the happiest I've ever been.

  • Thinking About You
    120 37 3

    She always found herself searching for him in the crowd. He made her day just by smiling even though he probably didn't know it. She loved him. Or so she thought. Because how could she love him if she didn't know him? But he noticed her. And every day he smiled just for her. He pretended he didn't know about her, bu...

  • The Quiet Sin
    2.4K 255 51

    -My critique for this book is @bangtancha - please be nice to her- "It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams." ~ Gabriel García Márquez -And growing old is the mind of the damned And the damned one is 'me' The world doesn't want me this way...

  • The New Old Type
    14 1 1

    What if all of the stories we read that told us about wizards, mermaids, witches, all of the other creatures and things were true? Rosalyn Branwell is adopted, and comes from a long line of witches. She lives in the city and sees all the magic and creatures she thought where stories. Rosalyn is also a gifted. She can...

  • A Dead Mans Game: Volume One
    56 20 6

    When a ghost wakes her from her sleep three nights in a row, Dakota thinks nothing of it. But when strange things start happening in Daemonium Dakota knows something is going to happen. Daemonium has been a safe haven for Dakota Smith since she ran away from home seven years ago. The town is run by the Giroux family...

  • If I Could Fly (Harry Styles' daughter fanfic)
    2.9K 87 26

    When Addilynn (Addie) Styles loses her mom, Erin Styles, her life is turned upside down. Her dad insists that they move out of there home in L.A. And go live in London. Addie strives for normal in the midst of her fathers hectic lifestyle, but it proves to be almost more than she can bare.

  • Lunar Virus ✔️
    4.3K 416 44

    Elodie's life changes at the turn of a doorknob when she is forced into joining a secret organization that claims to be protecting the Earth from aliens. But with every step she takes, she finds the organization, or the facility, as they call it, becoming more and more suspicious. When a mysterious death occurs, revea...

  • AC/DC
    909 63 14

    * MORE CHAPTERS WILL BE UPDATED SOON. THANK YOU :) * Mark Mangal is the perfect epitome of a 16-year old teenager. Smart, A-lister, prefect- he is the de facto celebrity of the school. However, he's also notorious for one thing- lying. He may be a womanizer in front of the entire school, even to his best friend, Conno...

  • Starting From Scratch
    58 5 5

    Lila is to be a powerful fire mage. But everything changes when her powers don't come. I smile at her "I know they will come I just had hoped they would come like everyone else's" Not knowing what else to say I screamed out "Stop! don't hurt him he didn't mean to hurt you" the beast looked back at me and the world...

  • Unexpected
    166 30 8

    In a world of superheroes and villains, Aries Gleams is a high school girl in Richmin High School. Aries has two loving parents, a crazy monkey for a little brother, and Stacy. Her golden Retriever. She has good grades, a personality you will love, and has a library in her room. Her favorite food is the classic vanill...

  • The Heart of Misery |PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS|
    768 51 17

    "You've apologized, stop; I don't believe a bit of it." "But I am sorry!" "I'm not; not even when I say 'get the fuck out'" You know of Percy Jackson and the Seven and all that crap, right? Of course you do; practically everyone does. But what if the Seven were the Eight? What if Percy had a twin who was just as famou...

  • biographies
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