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  • Local Dreamer
    5.8K 432 15

    "Local Dreamer " is a story involving high school seniors; Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Halsey, Melanie Martinrez, and Brendon Urie. As life becomes crazier and feelings kick in, everyone is pushed to their limits and hope to make it out with a happily ever after. All struggling to stay afloat, they await for everything an...

  • My Lovely
    1.4K 107 12

    "My Lovely" is a story about young Tyler Joseph and Melanie Martinez who slowly fall in love with obstacles in the way. Will doubt take over Tyler or insecurities flood Melanie? Or will they both end with a happily ever after? // Sequel to"Local Dreamer \\

  • What Is Meant To Be...
    112 7 3

    A world with destruction that has destroyed our society, wiping out the whole world, leaving with nothing but dust around the world we used to know. Now different dangerous creatures roamed around the earth, willing to kill and eat us alive for our sake. Even for scientists, experimenting the human body with there nas...

  • broken bro's
    2.6K 239 71

    Ok so me and a few new friends have started this club while we were chatting in a mute reader creepypasta book. if you go in my history you will find it so please go and check that out cause I really enjoyed it but uh this is the broken bro's club where broken people come and chat in comments. rules will be listed in...