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  • Broken Eyes (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    49.4K 1.3K 26

    Amelia and Avalyn Pond were two Scottish girls who lived in an English village named Leadworth. when Amelia was seven and Avalyn was six, they met a strange man who called himself 'The Doctor', after his little blue box fell out of the sky, into their back garden. After saving them from a crack in their wall, The Doct...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑷𝒐𝒏𝒅 𝑻𝒘𝒊𝒏𝒔 ☆ The Glorious Series ⦅ BOOK 1 ⦆
    506K 17.4K 168

    Alexis Pond was Amelia Pond's identical twin sister. Alexis met the Doctor that night along with Amelia. Now it's 12 years later. The Doctor is back, and Lexi and Amy Pond are all grown up. Oh how their lives are about to change... (Eleven x OC) and (Amy x Rory) Started: December 15, 2014 Ended: July 21, 2017

  • Angel Of Time And Space - 11th Doctor Love Story With A Twist
    111 9 1

    Josephine was Gods experiment to find another form of holy creature and was forced to be hidden from her brothers and sisters, the other Angels. She loathed silence and being lonely so when she found an opportunity for an adventure, she took it. What happens when that decision causes her to fall from heaven, into a...

  • Bought (a Doctor Who fan-fic)
    6.7K 345 24

    A Doctor Who fan fiction focusing around a strong female lead character, with Matt Smith's Doctor. Please note- this story is currently unfinished and will remain so for a while to come!

  • The Big Blue box that I call Home
    1.2K 38 6

    Rebecca Smith lives with Sarah-Jane Smith and her son Luke on Bannerman Road. She has never had a father, but maybe, just maybe, he is coming back for her. Or maybe, he didn't know that she survived. But all that changes on an ordinary Friday afternoon. Will Bec ever find her birth dad? Will she ever find out who she...

  • Absolutely Real
    8.4K 576 25

    Fern has nightmares, horrid nightmares, every night. But slowly, she starts to realize that they're real...absolutely real. One night, Fern wakes up screaming but for once, she was actually comforted. By a man, named, The Doctor. But this isn't the last time she meets him. She meets him again, and again. The Doctor is...

  • Not alone (Doctor Who spin)
    3.8K 134 8

    what would happen if the doctor and the master wasnt the only ones that survived the tome war?? What would happen if that new character didn't know what she really was? Adventure with new characters and hopefully a romance ;)

  • Doctor Who: Lifes Discoveries
    1.5K 34 3

    Tessa Estany is a rebellious 15 year old but then she meets The Doctor and her life completely changes. She meets people she only ever dreamt of meeting, and gone places that she never knew existed. But life with the doctor isn't always fun and a certain lake may change her life forever.

  • The CobWeb Effect ((11th Doctor FanFic))
    1.2K 46 6

    My first thought was that I should go home and get help. But then another vision flashed into my head. My mother disappearing. I half hoped I was just hallucinating, the other half of me hoped she was gone and I was free. I was confused, but not as confused as I was at the sound creeping into my subconscious. Some mec...

  • As We Keep Running
    2.7K 209 13

    When the Doctor surprises her one day, Savannah ends up going on one BIG adventure with him- to another planet, of course! When they arrive, they notice the people, trapped in the glass that serves as the ground. Savannah and the Doctor must climb a tower, each floor filled with a new fright, to reach the bell and set...

  • Through the Big Blue Box
    267 11 2

    This is a Doctor Who Fanfiction. I do not own any of these characters, except the ones I create. The Doctor has just been regenerated and is in New York when he meets Alice Lively, a girl pretty girl with a dark past. He takes Alice in the TARDIS on adventures with him and thinks he may be falling in love.

  • Dreams and Realities
    104 2 1

    This is a fanfic I'm currently writing in a first person Point of view-it tells the story of girl, on one night, wishing upon a shooting star for the Doctor Who world to be real. What Jane Lilian didn't expect was, for her wish to be granted.....

  • Madness Is A Present- doctor who fan fiction
    202 9 3

    Stranded and Confused, The Doctor, Amy , Rory, and River all find themselves trapped inside a strange place.unaware of the dark and gory history of the place, they trek deeper into the place they shouldn't. "Dont Go Towards The Light" Big Mistake.

  • I Love The Last Time Lord {Season 5}
    584K 11.5K 100

    Sapphire Pond the dear sister of Amelia Pond, two little girl's in small English village. When they meet a strange man from the sky, who falls out of a blue box called the Doctor. It spirals into much more, deception, danger, murder, truth and most of all love... (COVER BY @LunaBoulevard) (EDITED BY @My_Home_In_Galli...

  • The Wounds Time Cannot Heal (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    6.5K 345 35

    "Time heals all wounds" is not always true. Some secrets will eat you alive and keeping them from people you care about can hurt them more than if you told them. This is the case for Wolf. But how much could it hurt her loved ones, when they don't even know that's what they are? Especially when the possible sanctuary...

  • Beyond The Void || doctor who
    57.3K 2.7K 23

    WATTYS 2016 The Doctor is lonely, and after plummeting into another dimension, he meets Jessica Bennett, who could help him get back to his own world. But he's not the only one who's lonely, because Jess has known all her life that she was an outcast, someone unlike the rest. When her lifelong hero comes and rescues...

  • Words Best Left Unspoken - Doctor Who
    850 32 5

    Kaiaa Hardwicke has lived the rough life since she was born, being colorblind and mute doesn't help the factors that slowly pile up to form the bane of her exact existence. But, one particular Day and one particular Blue police box... Will things move for the Better or the Worse?

  • Try Not To Fall <Doctor Who FanFic>
    1.4K 40 2

    Rory Williams and Amelia Pond have another daughter they didnt know about. Her name is Anevay River Williams. Anevay (or Annie) is a stubborn but hyper girl who is a dare devil. She travels the glaxazy with her best mate Dlyan. Then one mid_day they both meet the Doctor, River, Amy, and Rory and there are a bunch of t...

  • With You Always (Doctor Who Fanfic)
    2.1K 71 8

    Formerly "Me and You...Three" Jaimie was a stolen child, kidnapped and tortured until a man with beautiful green eyes saved her. Now, years later, she runs into him again, only he hasn't aged a day. She begins travelling with him, a few trips at a time, only it isn't as simple as it may sound. She's meeting differen...

  • In the Blink of an Eye (A Doctor Who Fanfic)
    183 17 2

    When Bryarly Vincit moves to London, England for college her childhood trauma and nightmare-ish visions of vicious angel statues and alien spaceships follow suite, along with a familiar stranger in a bowtie. Follow this mental girl's adventures through time and space as she narrowly escapes death and unravels the even...

  • Valora || doctor who
    3.1K 192 3

    Valora cannot remember who she is, where she's from, or anything other than her growing longing to find the Doctor, whomever that may be. The Doctor gets a distress signal on his psychic paper, which no traveler could pass up. After finding her broken and seconds from death, he discovers that she's not human; not even...

  • Her Secrets {Doctor Who FanFic}
    75.2K 2.5K 63

    Cerys has always lived life on the sidelines. She was a quiet observer. One night she meets a mysterious man who's first words to her are "Run!" From that moment she is hooked. As time goes by she learns that she's not just ordinary. There's more to her that meets the eye and in the end, it could destroy everything...

  • Take My Hand, Run
    982 39 3

    Iris Noble is a 18 year old Brit from Liverpool. One day she is walking on the street and almost gets run over. A strange man runs out and saves her. Based on the 10th Doctor (David Tennant)

  • The Extraordinary Girl (Doctor Who FanFic)
    82.6K 3.1K 31

    Elizabeth. an orphan for her whole life. A Doctor. who would visit her every couple of years, and every night in her dreams since as soon as she first saw him. When she first met him she accidentally did something she cant reverse, and it costs her a normal life, but her life was never really normal in the first pla...

  • A Walking Disaster (Doctor Who FF)
    5.1K 382 13

    The Doctor meets a girl who lives in America, this girl, her name is Anna and she's in her last year of high school. Only 17 years old and she meets the Doctor, the 10th regeneration. She sees him as a walking disaster and knows she's risking everything of her life just by standing by his side, but yet she just can't...

  • A Doctor Who fanfic: Scilla Bloom
    6.4K 291 9

    Scilla Bloom is a Time Lady. She lives the life of a normal teenager on Earth and she has a special talent. And this will lead her to meet the Doctor.

  • Hope In A Box (Doctor Who Fan Fiction) ((Completed))
    48.3K 1.7K 36

    Hope Armstrong is a strange, crazy 18 year old who gets caught up in a weird alien attack with one mysterious man who can't quiet seem to stay out of trouble, but through passing time Hope and the strange man find out they have more in common than they think. Will she follow this man though all of time and space or wi...