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  • 𝗜𝘁'𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘆 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗹𝘀 (Saiki Kusuo x reader)
    56.3K 1.9K 36

    -you could have told me- -and that would change your perspective of me?- -if I knew you were a goddess I would never let myself fall for you- Saiki Kusuo meets the first person to fully understand him. But the only person that he feels a connection with him turns out to be an immortal being and it's send to his world...

  • The hero's kid (Bakugo x reader)
    46.4K 1.4K 35

    (Y/n) is Aizawa's daughter. One day him and present Mic wanted kids (yes Aizawa and present Mic are married in this) so they decided to get a surrogate. They used Aizawa's sperm to get a baby. She was interesting. She was just like Aizawa but not always tired. She feel in love with her childhood friend and never had t...

  • The School's Pervert~ (Namjoon x Reader)
    150K 5.9K 42

    You're in your first day of grade 10 at your new school when you're already told about Namjoon, the 10th grade perv and his dirty backstory. But is he really what he's said to be? highest ranking: #1 in joonie #1 in btsnamjoon #4 in namjoonxreader <3 thank you for reading and voting, it means the world.

  • An Alpha's Mark - Alpha! Katsuki Bakugou x Omega! Reader
    678K 18.6K 19

    When you meet somebody new People always say: "Go on! They don't bite, love." But what if this one does... Alpha! Katsuki Bakugou x Omega! Reader !OMEGAVERSE! !SWEAR WARNING! [cause Bakugou] !ART IS NOT MINE!

  • Umbrella | Yandere x reader
    18K 427 19

    One day you where just about to walk home, though sadly it was raining. "Here, use my umbrella." A boy with the same school uniform offers you. You accepted his offer, and started to walk home, not noticing the look in the boys eyes. "Hmm? Too bad you don't remember (y/n), because you are mine." Cover made by @Soph...

  • Not The Same As You Feel (Gaara x Reader)
    219K 7.1K 41

    Gaara has a girlfriend named Therese when Y/N confesses... Gaara refuses to feel the same even though he loves Y/N the same as she feels... Y/N has a boyfriend named Charles when Gaara confesses... Y/N turns him down even though she has a promise of trust... ~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry, English is not my forte nor my mother ton...

  • My Princess ❦ Sharrkan
    26.7K 991 10

    (y/n) is Sinbad's sister and Sindria's princess. She is in love with her childhood friend Sharrkan.

  • BuzzFeed
    285K 5.8K 47

    This is a cliche romance about Eugene Lee Yang. I just want to clarify that I wrote this book while I was still learning to wrote and I know it needs to be heavily edited. I will get onto editing when my other book ELY is finished. Thank you.

  • Natsu x reader : not strong enough
    48.2K 913 29

    It about (y/n) who just came back from not BEING in her beloved guild for the past 8 years and the rest you have to read to find out (Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or fairy tail hiro mashima owns fairy tail I only own the story plot. (STORY YEAR 2017 🎉)

  • Obsession (Yandere Levi X Reader AU) (Wattys2015)
    202K 5.5K 26

    Y/N and her mom moved in with her step-dad and stepbrother. Her stepbrother is Levi Ackerman who is one of the coolest guys in Trost high and has been yandere for Y/N ever since she got in Trost high. This will be interesting. Story is modern time...

  • Can't love...(Dipper Gleeful x Reader)
    116K 2.9K 17

    You move away from your hometown, to a weird place called Reverse Falls. Your actually glad to have left, but sad to leave your best friend behind. Your main concern is how you'll fit in, but it seems that a certain devious boy wants to be more involved with you. You don't trust him... you can't trust him. Or do you?

  • Illegal: Tom Holland x reader
    191K 5.6K 63

    "Wait... how old are you?" He asked me "I'm 16." "You know what we're doing is illegal right?" "Oh I'm well aware" - OKAY THIS IS NOT A SMUTTY FANFIC SORRY (not sorry) EDIT: okay so there is a bit of fluff and smut in this fanfic but not full blown smut

    Completed   Mature
  • The Akatsuki's babysitter (Reader insert)
    262K 11K 40

    (Y/n) is a rogue ninja who lives alone in the forest. One day when she was walking home from a nearby village she saw some ninja harassing a group of kids. (Y/n) steps in and saves the kids only to find out that they are supposed to be the criminal organization, the Akatsuki. Somehow the group have been turned into fi...

  • YanSim: Budo Masuta x Reader
    7.5K 179 1

    The title's pretty self-explanatory.

  • It's Just Business (Male Yandere X Female Reader)
    6.4K 146 20

    Yandere male x reader I hope it's good and I think I like the first page. I don't own pictures or songs. There MAYBE A LEMON. U have been WARNED. Also I never had a job so it might sound weird...

  • Neko male yandere x female reader
    27.2K 571 10

    I haven't seen any neko male yandere story's so I decided to make one my self I hope u guys enjoy Oh and this is mostly for females but if your a guy well think of a girl name

  • Robotic Heart (Genos x Reader)
    473K 12.7K 28

    A series of one-shots all about our favorite cyborg. Goes from a variety of smut to fluff. I do not own One Punch-Man all rights reserved to One and Yusuke Murata .

    Completed   Mature
  • Just another girl... (BTS X Reader)
    807K 24.2K 32

    It was just a normal day in High School. Y/N just recently transferred to another school because of her parents. She was called the "Bad Girl" at her previous schools. She wants to be different from the previous years and try to be nice to everyone.. She's shy and really kind until she met BTS.

  • My mate (Jimin x Reader)
    694K 21.6K 14

    -Short story- Never have you been interested in findig your mate. Especially not since you lost the one you loved the most. Even tho he wasnt your mate for you he still was. Your life started to change when you came eye to eye with the young alpha of one of the strongest pack on your birthday. That day you came eye to...

  • Don't Tell (BTS V x Transgender! Reader)
    346K 12.6K 54

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN A LONG TIME AGO AND IT IS VERY BAD AND THE MAIN CHARACTER IS POORLY PORTRAYED!!! Cover by me [COMPLETED] Please read the authors note at the beginning, at least the beginning part!! Its important!

  • The 7 Princes [BTS x Reader]
    2.5M 114K 81

    Surprise! Your parents have been keeping a secret from you - you are royal princess and sole heir to the throne. To break the news to you, your parents have sent you to a neighboring kingdom where seven handsome, irresistible princes will teach you all you need to know about becoming the next ruler. But as soon as you...

  • Levi X Reader
    656K 21.5K 28

    91.8K 1.5K 10

    GOING TO BE REWRITTEN SOON!:Oneshots, lemon, 7 little idiots turned into yanderes, hope you enjoy Highest ranking #19 in horror

  • Hamilton x Reader
    7.2K 69 27

    Welcome to my Hamilton X Reader story! *I know,I'm so original.* You can request any character/cast member you'd like,but be sure if you want a specific type of reader *Ex. Short!Reader,Chubby!Reader,Depressed!Reader,etc.*,to leave it there,as well as a certain AU if you want *Ex. Modern!AU,Greek!AU,College!AU,etc.* A...

  • Alexander Hamilton x Reader
    46.2K 1.1K 10

    Y/n has joined the war as a nurse, she cares for those who are sick or who have gotten injured. Though, during the winter in Valley Forge, Y/n met someone who would change her life, and that person is non other than Alexander Hamilton. Art does not belong to me, it belongs to the wonderful person who made it! Want mor...

  • I Like You A Lot (Hamilton X Reader)
    14.9K 407 11

    Well obviously in 7th grade i could write nothing that is actually good yikes so here is a fanfic that is better than the shit i used to write lmaoooooo This is a diary style book, with alexander and the reader writing about their experiences meeting each other. Please, use your name and pronouns when reading! I write...

  • Hamilton x Reader
    188K 4.8K 28

    A collection of Hamilton x Reader and Hamilton ship stories. Requests are open!

  • Hamilton x Reader
    198K 3K 39

    Request what you want but I'm gonna let you know now I'm putting a lot of Philip x Reader in here. Will do fluff, smut, angst , etc

  • Hamilton x Reader Back to their 70s
    469K 16K 79

    When Y/N suddenly lands in the 1770s, after being pulled into a shine inside the ocean, she meets Hercules. He and his friends help her get around. By mistake, she joins the revolution. However, when everything starts going down hill, her lust for satisfaction gets...Out of control... The cover was made by my awesome...

  • Me and You (Genos X Reader)
    18.3K 592 9

    A girl by the name of (Y/N) meets a oddly loyal cyborg named Genos, little does he know that she is a cyborg also. (Y/N) starts to develop feeling that she wishes she didnt.