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  • Rewind (BNHA x male reader)
    742K 36.2K 55

    Immortality, an ability that seems like a dream come true. You never have to fear death, that's why the world looked at Y/N as if he's some miracle. But to him, Immortality was a cage, all he wanted to do was die. His physical body stopped aging at 15, which he was bummed about, but everyone respected him. And now he...

  • Multiverse's Shinigami (Multiverse x Gamer malereader) Book of DxD [Hiatus]
    284K 9.6K 90

    This is the sequel to my Multiverse's Shinigami (Multiverse x Gamer malereader) Book of Bleach book. Read that before reading this or else you'll be confused as fuck. This will contain a lot of swear words. Telling you now rather than later. I own nothing other than OC and the altered story. Wattpad, I beg you to stop...

  • Dragon Knight Titan ( OC reader x Mikasa x Annie)
    413K 10.8K 79

    Nhzual Hatake, was the childhood friend,of Eren, Mikasa and Armin, but after the first Colossal Titan attack they were all separated and they all thought he was dead. But years later during the attack on Trost by the titans, an armored figure appeared and help drive back the titans and 4 certain people remember the fi...

  • King of Games 3: Great War (OP Gamer Male Reader x Crossover)
    6.4K 224 27

    Three years ago the fall of Sacred King's Academy, the war between the two opposing sides still rage on. The sheer firepower of Ursula is only rivaled by (Y/N) tactics and seemingly endless supply of robotic soldiers. However, both Ursula and (Y/N) knew that the war needed to end quickly, but neither know of the proph...

  • King of Games II: Electric Boogaloo (Malereader x Crossover)
    16.6K 551 39

    This is the tale of a young man named (Y/N) (L/N), Prince of the Seas and the King of Games. After taking care of Riser, (Y/N) now has to focus on other problems, such as NOX, Jahad, FUG, Ember, and Ursula herself, granddaughter of Hel. Luckily, he's not alone, but will (Y/N) life through these adversaries? Guess that...

  • Everyone has a breaking point
    143K 1.3K 32

    Jaune arc. Framed for the attempted murder of A council women was sent to 20 years in a maximum security prison. His friend turned his back on him. His family disowned him. What does his do? He breaks.