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  • GREEK CATACLYMS • original
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    〝When this is over, do you think we'll be remembered as gods?〞 〝There are no gods. There's not even heaven, there's only hell, and we're living in it.〞 ━━━━ ❨♛❩ ━━━━ In which a dying Earth picks unworthy gods. ━━━━ ❨♛❩ ━━━━ greek cataclysms, via miri, est. 01.03.19. published 01.08.1...

  • I Just Don't Get It
    308K 20.9K 200

    A book of things that continue to puzzle me. You may understand, but I just don't get it.

  • The Mandela Effect
    412K 24.2K 143

    So, I have a conspiracy theory book, which these were originally meant to be a part of, but I realised that there was way too many...

  • Cartoon Conspiracy Theories
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    A large demographic of cartoon lovers began to come up with their own theories of how their favorite shows began, and their secret meanings. Few of them have been proven and most would never make sense but they are all fun to look at... Let's take a look shall we?