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  • I don't need flower petals to know you don't love me
    2.6K 943 22

    Joanne's life is just like every teenage girl - high school, friends, parties, studies, crushes. Aaron has recently shifted to the same town as Joanne's. What happens when they collide at a coffee shop?

  • Only Time Will Tell | ✔️
    56.7K 2.5K 41

    "Will you trust me again?" "Only time will tell." "Will you kiss me again?" "You don't have to ask twice," ........................................................................ Joseph is the bad guy, The fighter, The cold-hearted man that no one likes. He feels nothing, and for sure doesn't want to. But what happe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Killing Margret
    136 5 6

    Events of the mind. Two generations of women inflicted by similar problems, mental illness. Being all misfits they make a grand exit on the world but why? For what? For who? How does a web spin out so far? Read and find out. This is my first book and I enjoyed writing it and I can only hope you enjoy reading it.

  • Irrevocably His
    449K 17.8K 56

    Do opposites attract each other always? Meet Arabella Dickens and Dominic King, two different people coming from very different backgrounds they have very little in common. Arabella Dickens a 26-year-old human rights lawyer and also a part-time social worker, running a small private law firm in Brooklyn, New York...

  • Tulip In The Mafia's Grip
    854K 11.3K 10

    #1 in what's hot list of general fiction on 30th Sept,2017 #5 in general fiction "what's hot' list" on 24/9/17 A Private Story. ?WARNING: DARK ROMANCE. This book will show you the behavioral and cognitive characteristics of a sociopath and a boderline-psychopath. |¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤| It is a dark romance novel. Archer is t...

  • AARAV (On Hold)
    985 37 4

    Ashi is an introvert. She belongs to a conservative, typical Indian family. She's never dated boys, never even talked to them. But when she meets Aarav her world goes upside down. He's everything a girl can dream about, everything she has ever dreamt about. Friendship blossoms, love grows. And they become inseparable...

  • Perfect Strangers(Completed)
    1.3M 52.3K 75

    Shraddha Rajput,a girl full of life.She is very kind and caring.She is a strong believer of fairy tales,according to her there is a Prince Charming out there who will love and treat her like a princess. But destiny has something dark in store for her..... Kabir Veer Singh Rathod,a multi billionaire is a very dangerous...

  • Apparently His....
    19.2K 1K 25

    They get married. One, out of love. The other, with a plan. A plan to get freedom from their current painful life. What will happen when the plan starts to backfire? WARNING : Language warning. And this is my first book so please understand.