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  • The Nightmare
    1.9K 134 4

    At the end of the fifth book when the war with Gaea is finally over, Percy awakens in a hospital room, surrounded by loved ones. He's told that he's been in a deep coma since he was twelve, and realizes that his entire demigodly life was entirely made up in his subconscious, and worst of all-Annabeth isn't real. I don...

  • Make Me Smile
    483 22 4

    Nico di Angelo was admitted into the hospital almost two years ago with hopes that he would come out of it. That hope died a very long time ago. Having stayed in the hospital as long as he had, he had given up on everything, becoming bitter and numb. Just as he starts to believe that the hospital could finally give hi...

  • Heroes of Olympus/Magnus Chase Sickfics
    202K 2.7K 107

    This is just a collection of different sick fics, my ultimate weakness, about our favorite demigods and Norse einharjar. Most stories will only have one part but we'll see where it goes. Characters belong to Rick Riordan.

  • PJO/HOO Sickfics and Prompts
    68.7K 613 16

    A book full of Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus sickfics. I will write any suggestions/requests!