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  • Seesaw Review shop
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    "Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light." The right place to get honest and constructive feedback on your books whenever you want it. Everyone is welcome and we really hope you enjoy! 》Kpop book review shop 》Enter only if you can accept critism on your book. 》No hate...

  • 7 And A Half Wishes » bangchan
    1K 246 22

    "I have seven wishes, but you're not one of them." "Do you really not want me?" "Well, I can spare half a wish for you." ~~~~~ In which Yuna and Chan want to find their cause of happiness, even when they are behind those white hospital walls. ~~~~~ "Even though we're on the brink of collapse, we're surviving and fi...

  • 𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐀𝐂𝐄 ⇴ Bang Chan ✓
    3.9K 436 48

    "Welcome to Shujin Academy... Where every student dies here." ↳high school au /ˈmenəs/ (noun) 1. a person or thing that is likely to cause harm; a threat or danger. What would you do if you lost both of your mother and father as well as your grandmother? Being chased by your father's notorious yet deadly gang rival...

  • Before 14th | Han Jisung ✓
    43.4K 2.4K 16

    ❝My lovely Jisung is such a bad liar.❞ © avmochi lowercase intended Stray Kids Han Jisung fanfiction DS: 6.17.19 DE: 6.18.19

  • Forty Days || Bang Chan x Reader
    44.1K 1.5K 19

    ❝All I need is forty days, love.❞ - All Chan needs is forty days to make Y/N L/N fall in love with him. --- +started: June 22, 2019 -ended: *edited:

  • ✔️photograph • Kim Seungmin✔️
    117K 5.3K 36

    *Completed* Y/N has always loved taking pictures. She always saw the beauty of this world instead of all the ugly. For her birthday, her parents got her a professional camera, so she could persuit her dream. One time when she was taking pictures, she saw a boy about her age standing, also with a camera in his hand, ta...

  • NXT 2 U » Bang Chan
    46.1K 3.1K 20

    [Book 2 of 42] In which, he wrote back after he read all her letters. But none of it was able to bring her back. #14 in 3RACHA {Cover made by @/seonhoeya✨} [Started: 07/19/18] [Ended: 07/22/18]

    Completed   Mature
  • 42 » Bang Chan
    88.1K 4.8K 21

    {3RACHA series 1 out of 3} In where, she live, love, and laughed. But none was returned for her. {Cover made by @/seonhoeya✨} #43 in live #91 in letters #12 in 3RACHA [Started: 04/21/18] [Ended: 04/27/18]

    Completed   Mature
  • that boy | hwang hyunjin | ✔
    1.4M 60.3K 63

    Lee Chaelin avoids boys like it's her calling in life. Except for her childhood friend, Felix, she doesn't let any boys near her. Scared that the same thing as what happened to her mother will also happen to her. Despite the encouragements of her friend, she tries not to get involved with any boy or male. That is, un...

  • Stray Kids Imagines
    1K 62 3

    a book of stray kids scenarios || requests are open!

  • dystopia | lee minho
    61.6K 2.8K 19

    {COMPLETED} Her life wasn't that bad, actually it wasn't bad at all, but she still dreamed of dystopia and her hero was a brunette boy with a black lip ring. The tale of how a girls fictional hero moves in next door.

  • secret.||lee minho/lee know x reader
    43.9K 1.5K 12

    [FINISHED.] when you have to keep your relationship as a secret because it's too risky.

  • sorry | lee minho
    98.5K 4.3K 32

    in which a boy despised the word 'sorry' a straykids' minho story

  • Clichéd
    219K 8K 65

    The badboy likes me. SKZ Lee Know (Lee Minho) [under revision]

  • hickies | lee minho
    797K 22.9K 33

    "Hickies look hot but they look even more hot when they come from me"

  • Trainee | ˡᵉᵉ ᵐⁱⁿʰᵒ
    15.4K 765 13

    "Well you're cute." "So are you." "We should be cute together." ⋅•⋅⊰∙∘❤∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ In which two JYP trainees crash into each other and start something beautiful. ⋅•⋅⊰∙∘❤∘∙⊱⋅•⋅ Short chapters.

  • Promise | Bang Chan ✓
    130K 5.9K 33

    ❝F*ck you and your promise.❞ #16 bangchan 190626 #1 cb97 190626 Stray Kids Bang Chan fanfiction Copyright 2019 © avmochi lowercase intended.

  • 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨
    40K 1.7K 18

    [ COMPLETED ]❝ you've changed so much ❞- in which a girl writes letters to the one she loves. 。・°°・☆・°°・。 『A Lee Minho fanfic』 Started: 6/18/18 Ended: 6/19/18 book #1 in the stray kids series. Ranks: #815 in poetry #976 in straykids #581 in leeminho #607 in leeminho #627 in leeminhow #606 in leeminho #512 in poetry #4...

  • Condoms ✓
    456K 19.2K 29

    "Uhh, where are the condoms?" A Han Jisung fanfic HIGHEST RANKING #2 in Kpopfanfic #10 in Stray Kids #4 in Kpop #1 in Hanjisung #12 in Kpopidols

  • Pieces // Han Jisung
    2.7K 277 14

    "No matter how many pieces of her you find in me, I'll never be her. You can't use the pieces of someone else to complete the puzzle that was her." Jisung was just an average teen until he lost his childhood friend and first love Yoo Ra, leaving nothing but an empty shell which once used to be Han Jisung, filled now w...

  • The Last Guardian (Stray Kids Lee Minho//LeeKnow)
    37.3K 3.2K 47

    The Royal Family have always had a feud with the Guardians. After robbing them off their land and forcing them to the South-East, the Royal Family has added fuel to the flame by burning down one of the Guardians' villages. But everything changes when Erin, the Leader of the Guardians' sister finds the King's only son...

  • ➳ The Kangaroo Masked Killer || Bang Chan
    135K 6.9K 50

    He's lurks the city for his next victim, he doesn't really have a pattern, but he kills whenever and where ever he wants. He's just like every other young man...but has his own dirty little secrets. He's most wanted on the list. He's known all around the city, they know him as the Kangaroo Masked Killer, But his real...

  • Faith // Bang Chan
    194K 8.3K 37

    "let me get to know you more." "But I just met you" "Then let's get closer.. let's get to know each other first and maybe one day you'll open up" "Deal?" "Deal." Started: 26/03/19 Ended: 11/04/19 Ranked #64 for #Faith

  • The One Night Stand ➳ Lee Minho
    65.8K 2.5K 15

    Two lost souls, who just want to be loved. He's breaking. She's also hurting. On a rainy night they find their way to one another, Having a simple one night stand. But little did they know that wasn't the end

  • Stray Kids | Imagines
    1.7K 81 15

    "That's beautiful." "So are you." --------- The title says it all. Slow updates. OT8 Highest Rankings: #12 in leefelix #17 in jone #20 in spearb #30 in cb97 #31 in jype Cover by: @slushy_chan (on Instagram) Started: 20/12/2018 Ended: -

  • incomplete • han jisung
    16.4K 753 5

    without you i feel like i lost a piece of me. a sequel to opposite

  • hell / lee minho
    117K 4.7K 43

    " i should've just let you die there "

  • Regret ➳ Bang Chan
    44.7K 1.8K 21

    ❝I regret everything that happened. Everything that i said. I'm so sorry.❞ [COMPLETED] I literally wrote this when I was 12 so don't expect too much lmao I want to rewrite this so badly, so I'll probably do heavy editing soon! :3

  • Chained | Bang Chan FF
    106K 5.6K 40

    ||ᴀᴜ ꜰᴀɴ ꜰɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ|| ❝Her.❞ ❝Her?❞ I asked, not understanding for the briefest of moments what my Father had meant. It hit me pretty quickly what he meant. The plain, boring, goody-two-shoes, smart girl that he had talked about me marrying was none other than Yoon Mina. ❝You've got to be kidding me.❞ In charge of supply...

  • R.B.B. 방찬 bang chan
    298K 10.3K 16

    oh my god! he's a really bad boy. (i wrote this story in 2019 when *woojail* was still relevant... so i apologise if that makes it a bit uncomfortable, but it would be too difficult to edit all of his bits out without re-crafting the whole story and i'd just rather leave it here as a memory... sorry!) STARTED: 190102...