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  • From hate, to Lust to Love
    243K 12.5K 22

    I drink hard, I play hard, I f*ck hard and I thrive hard in everything I do. I am care free. I use women like toilet papers. I don't care who gets hurt and why they get hurt. And I proceed to live happily. But my problem started when a f*cking Muslim bitch came to live next door. I have to keep my music low because th...

    3.2K 740 16

    Ashe dama ana mutuwa a dawo? Ashe dama in mutum ya mutu, aka binne shi a kasa zaka iya ganinshi a rayuwarka? Kodai idonta ke mata gizo? Ko kuwa ta haukace ne? Aa, kila kuma kuncin da rayuwarta take ciki shine take ganin mutanen daya kamata ace tana tare dasu? Amma tabbas mijinta ne, shine. Ta tabbata shi din ne. Ga m...

  • Happily Ever After (Our Big Arewa Wedding)
    26.8K 2.9K 35

    When an ambitious playgirl is set to tie the knot with the man of her dreams, her fantasies seem to be crushing all of a sudden when her exs each plan to expose her dubiousness on her wedding day. Husna must do all she can to save Salma's wedding and her job seems to be getting no easier with the jinxed presence of...

  • If I Take a Chance
    21.3K 3.1K 43

    ❝and like clockwork, she always found her way back to him❞ A spontaneous decision has 19 year old Noorul-Huda living life like she hadn't before. After a chance encounter led to an inevitable heartache, she's faced with a dilemma; choosing between two men she cared about without destroying them all.

  • Hafsaa ✅
    30.6K 3.3K 61

    Am I queen I thought "Yes" I noded my head without even acknowledging wah that meant. I was just overwhelmed by getting pampered. "Wah of school Ammi'' I asked. "You can enroll in online classes" she said hugging me. Thanks you she murmured Prolong A girl hafsaa who was married to her cousin without knowing about i...

  • AYEESHA(hausa love story)
    10.8K 1K 24

    Aisha Muhammad Adamu is a kind, lovely and gentle girl but some times mean everything changed when she met Muhammad the son of Abubakar Umar read and find out;***

    23.2K 2.4K 21

    Aisha Muhammad is a nice beautiful young lady who believes in love no matter the circumstance. Amir Ibrahim is a handsome guy who doesn't believe true love still exist, and thinks all ladies are the same (betrayers). ||• The last time on her mind was getting married after her ex... ||• The last thing on his mind was g...

  • Harum Scarum.
    37K 3.4K 32

    Reckless Careless Impetuous Wild Arrogant Selfish Irresponsible Rash Heedless. Those are the words used to describe Ammah. The girl who has everything, she has done everything she ever wanted to do and more. Living the life..... But things change for her in an instant..... She losses everything. She's abou...

  • Part Of Me [wattys2019]
    56.3K 6.3K 48

    Khalid dragged Lawisa to the Study and pinned her to the wall fuming in anger. She have never seen this side of him, he's always been nice to her. With his clenched fist he hits the wall beside her face. For a second there she thought he was going to hit her. And she blinked back her tears, chanting stay strong in he...

  • Tainted Cinderella (Slow Updates)
    37K 5.6K 38

    Broken, Damaged, Tainted.

  • Zaheera
    48K 1.3K 10

    She was afraid to get married again not because of anything but because of how her first marriage was. She's a princess yet patient She can have the world at the tip of her finger but rather choose to be a good wife than a spoiled brat. She's love and cherish by all because of her inner beauty and facial beauty. ** He...

    50.6K 8K 42

    Entwined is the destiny of Tasneem Marwan and Mukarram Abdulhamid. One is hated by her biological mother who blames her for all the wrong going on in her life while the other had a dark past because of the neglect of his parents and childhood molestation. Fate brings them together as they discover their LOST IDENTITY

  • The Power Of Calmness
    31K 4.6K 31

    Habeebah Hassan Ribadu, a 36 year old beautiful, vibrant and intelligent young woman has lots of dreams to accomplish but the biggest passion of all is to become a lawyer. What happens when her life after marriage takes a big toll on her, will all her hopes, dreams and aspirations be met? Will she be able to find love...

  • A Tale Of The Broken
    51.7K 7.4K 51

    When the enthusiastic cardiologist so full of life and dreams got intangled in an arranged marriage with his polar opposite, his life changed drastically. His plans were ruined as well. Yusuf though find a wife in the social phobic Yasmin, with so many hidden mystery and a past to be curious of. Her biggest problem i...

    14.8K 1.5K 27

    A story of a fulani girl from a wealthy family in Abuja, was married off at 16 and has to face the trials that comes with it. How will she react when she hears about her dad's decision? Enjoy reading the story of tasneem and mubarak in 'TASNEEM' join them in their journey in overcoming the shadows of his pasts and fi...

    Completed   Mature
    9.6K 885 10

    Not good at descriptions

  • Enchanted Smile
    71.6K 7.7K 35

    "Introduction" Nineteen year old Murjanatu Muhammad Ibrahim is an indigene of katagum in Bauchi state Nigeria. A care free and jovial person,she's a student of Ahmadu Bello University zaria,who studies Anatomy .The only and l daughter of Alhaji Muhammad Ibrahim who is a successful Business man in Kaduna state Nigeria...

  • Someone's Love🥀
    52.9K 6.6K 55

    Fatima Abdullah's love triangle; was it going to be Faruk or Anwar! The one she ditched turned into a villain and made sure he destroyed her life A love story which had so many enemies But Allah had his plans... So many confusing twist💫 But at least she was finally with the person she loved 🥀❤ Read about Fatima's l...

    98.6K 16.3K 33

    Hauwa'u Jiddarh a no nonsense hardworking and ambitious young lady. Forced to take the responsibility of her family at such a young age, she grew up before her time. She had to make lots of sacrifices for her mom and sister. Now she works as a maid for a wealthy family to support her own family. Hurt by the betrayal...

  • Everything I Could Ever Ask For
    265K 29.8K 42

    Highest rank #12 in spiritual on 15/07/2017❤ Meet Ikram Sa'eed.An average Nigerian Muslim girl.Strong hearted,Mischievous,Intelligent,Kind,Gentle,Selfless and of course beautiful.What happens when she meets the arrogant Adnan with his broken past. Would she be able to mend those broken pieces of his?And most important...

  • The Promise
    23.8K 2.5K 22

    Abdulhakeem: This is my second time coming to Nigeria. I am relocating from new york. Nabeela: This is my third time coming to nigeria. We are relocating from khartoum. Abdulhakeem: I Hate nigeria. Nabeela: I love nigeria. What would happen when this two fall in love and a promise to stay with each other through th...

  • Married to Captain Bilaal
    20.7K 2.3K 11

    Jilted by his ex fiancèe. Lost all hope in love. Heart frozen, only the beautiful flame can melt it, who will be the girl? Who will be that girl that will be 'married to Captain Bilaal'? Dreamt of a fairy tale life with the love of her life, truth, heart breaks and a marriage proposal changed everything for her. Will...

  • Dr Asma
    50K 8.1K 33

    Doctor Asma Muhammad kyari is an orphan who lives with her paternal Uncle ever since her parents passed away when she was just 6. Asma is a beautiful and naive lady who is loved by all . Maheer Abdallah Barkindo is a 25 years old man who is from a rich family. He is a man whom is loved by a lot and envied by many. W...

  • his walls befell him
    55.1K 6.5K 36

    ❤️❤️ meet jawahir a nice, beautiful girl who seems to impress Aslam in every way HIS WALLS BEFELL HIM Nothing makes sense when he's around her. She stole his heart and he stole hers which eventually happened to be the perfect crime. #1 in breathtaking as of 18.04.2020

  • AasmAd (A hausa love story)
    48.5K 4.4K 27

    Aasmita: He is my cousin brother Aasad: she is my cousin sister Aasmita: He's always been the love of my life Aasad: She's always been the love of my life Aasmita: But i never got the chance to tell him Aasad: But i never got the chance to tell her Aasmita: I'm afraid of loosing him Aasad: I'm afraid of loosing her s...

  • Life Of Nabeela
    25.8K 112 1

    A story of a young couple in an arrange marriage without even knowing each other until the first night after the wedding. This story has everything love,romance, drama,and obviously friendship follow me on this journey of the love life of nabeelah to know the obstacles the couple have to face before finally finding...

  • RASHIN SANI......!!!
    383K 23.3K 75

    Heart touching story. Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny. Destiny is no matter of chance. It's a matter of choice's. It's not a thing to be waiting for, it's a thing to be achieved. Our destiny change's with our thought, we shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do when our habitual th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The bond (Hausa story)
    105K 12.1K 54

    {COMPLETED} Join the roller coaster ride of Amir and Aisha (iman) Amir, a guy with hidden secrets and Iman, a girl who didn't expect the turns in her life to happen .......... I held his arm "please stay" I blinked back the tears "for me" He closed his eyes for a second then he hugged me He took a deep breath "I'm...

    45.5K 3.7K 57

    "A da ina son ka ina k'aunarka ina ganin girman ka , k'imar ka mutuncin ka darajar ka, A yanzu na tsane ka tsana mafi muni, ba wanda na tsani gani kamar ka, ka aikata abunda ko kafiri yayi sai al'umma tayi Allah wadarai dashi, Wallahi Wallahi Wallahi ban da kisa haramun ne sai na kashe ka da hannu na"

  • Marriage Transaction.
    42.2K 4K 26

    Transaction: An exchange or interaction between people. "You can have the company but first you have to marry the CEO" Who cares if it's just marriage, he will do anything to get what he wants. Written by: @Winterbearz ❌Foul words. Read at your own risk.🚫