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  • Rivers of Reverie
    1.7K 210 13

    Young nymph Liryl is soon to become a priestess of water. Lately though, strange visions of winged creatures soaring in the sky have been tormenting her sleep. The girl seeks the advice of Eris, her head priestess, only to discover that many other nymphs have been experiencing her same dreams. Only a person can help...

  • Hell's Bane (COMPLETED)
    6.6K 568 35

    Years ago, the Brimstone Faction was set into chaos. Once loyal to their cause, they protected an artifact known as the Devil's Crown for centuries, ensuring its location was kept a secret and its power never unleashed. But as time passed, the Faction eventually fell into corruption, seeking to wield the Crown themsel...

  • Skylark in the Fog [Second Draft]
    6.2K 819 86

    So when the Universe falls to pieces, it doesn't mean your life has to, right? That comes later. Jeane Blake, captain of the spaceship Skylark, is a lanehunter, making her living by looting dead worlds, remnants of planets left in the wake of a Universe-breaking catastrophe hundreds of years ago. She only wants to be...

  • The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Pantheon #1) - EXTRACT ONLY
    5.3K 1.1K 17

    Sandsa, god of the deserts, abandons his duties to be with Callista, a mortal woman. But soon they discover that following your dreams - and your heart - has consequences. Their love plunges a city into an all-out war and incites the wrath of Sandsa's brothers and sisters who have decided that the deserts must have th...