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  • Fairy Tail: A Facebook Adventure!
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    What if Fairy Tail got Facebook? What if they don't know when to just stop embarrassing themselves with their posts? What if they bring romance in Facebook? What if Mira has an account? 0.0 What if... nalu/grayza/miraxus/rowen/lyvia

  • Ask Natsu and Happy || Closed
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    Natsu and Happy Ask Book #1 Any comments on here will be answered in another Ask Book.

  • Naughty Little Joke Book
    4M 67.6K 115

    Funny short stories guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Sources: stuff I've heard from friend, family, readers, and other folk who thought they'd spread some joy and laughter.

  • Crush On Mr. Bad Boy [Unedited]
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    [VERSION WITH EXTRA CHAPTERS OUT ON AMAZON!!!] [This Wattpad Version is the Unedited first draft.] Having a crush on someone isn't easy, especially when they're popular and you're not. But having a crush on the school's bad boy who's ranked highest on the food chain while you're the nerd in the bottom of the food chai...