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  • Dark: (Harry Styles Fanfiction) By Han_Rawr
    643K 3.9K 61

    ****MATURE CONTENT**** The highly read and talked about fanfiction created by H28, also known as Hannah. This is not my piece of writing! All credit goes to the original writer of this AMAZING fanfiction. I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF 'Dark' NEITHER AM I IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE AUTHOR. ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE...

  • She is Not Made of Roses
    170K 5.3K 16

    Rosie Alder-Pembrook isn’t planning on letting her ultra-feminist club get shut down due to the senior class council’s budget cutbacks (and to be honest, it’s kind of killing her senior year buzz). But when it seems that the only way to revive it is to strike a deal with the semi-sexist/mostly ignorant Class Council p...

  • Just A Little Bickering {Styles Twins}
    220 7 2

    He's a freak. Do you think he knows how stupid he looks? I can't believe they even let that idiot come to school. He's the biggest loser in the entire town. I bet he misses all that school 'cause he's afraid. What a baby. Everyone heard the whispers in the halls; the quiet gossiping in the locker rooms, and everyone k...

  • tape → narry au
    125K 7.9K 63

    A story where Harry suffers from an EDNOS whilst Niall suffers from the unknown causes the two of them to roommate together in a cabin for four months. all rights reserved ⓒ.

  • Without a Clue {Diall}
    21.5K 671 54

    "It never leaves. It never goes away. Why won't it go away?" Niall's secretive, always has been, but no one could've ever guessed that he would hide something this big. It turns out trying to cope with your past is a lot harder when you're hiding from the entire world. His ex-best friend sees through the lies. or the...