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  • Contests 2018-2019 | ✔ ©
    1.7K 137 51

    🏆Here #TheMermaidProject will host our many contests! ✔🌟 Be sure to enter your story in a one of our contests to win now! Rules, more information, and more details to get started are inside! ❤ The Official 2018 Make It Your Own Contest ✔🌟 is up and available now! To sumbit your story and see the rules, more inform...

  • Abigail
    310 24 12

    When Abigail hears a rumor that her father might still be alive, she risks everything she has to find him. A middle grades fantasy of magical knacks, intriguing adventure, and sibling friendship.

  • The Blood Prince's Curiosity
    337 17 10

    It was time to leave. Time to move on from this place that Nicolae called home. The grief was almost suffocating, the happiness gone from the castle that he dwells in. His father was no longer the same man he was years before the house fire began during a business trip with his family. With the death of his wife, ther...

  • Warbreaker
    1.3M 40.5K 64

    After bursting onto the fantasy scene with his acclaimed debut novel, Elantris, and following up with his blockbuster Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is today’s leading master of what Tolkien called “secondary creation,” the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their o...

  • Legend Land: Tale of the Nameless God
    1.1K 198 66

    The sprawling city of Malor is the most technologically advanced city in Legend Land, and is rife with possibilities. This has not gone unnoticed. Among the gang wars, budding revolutions, and toppling monopolies, one item sticks out: a job. Break into a heavily secured vault to steal Amaterasu's three heavenly regali...