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  • The Starbucks Hotline
    1.3M 110K 42

    ❝Hello, this is the Starb-❞ ❝HEEELP ME!! PLEASE! THERE'S A MURDERER IN MY HOUSE!❞ ❝OH SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!! WHAT DO I DO?! THIS IS STARBUCKS, NOT FREAKING 911. WAIT, HOLD ON. TRY TO KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE, I'LL CALL 911!! STAY CALM. IT'S GOING TO BE O- ❞ ❝Wait...did you just say Starbucks?❞ ❝Um...yeah?❞ ❝They have a hotlin...

  • Finding Cinderella
    18.9M 349K 53

    [NEW EDITION] [ALSO KNOWN AS "MATCH MADE IN HELL" ON LINE WEBTOON] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's nothing common between them except that they hate each other. Not good, right? But why is he determined to find her while she is determined to escape him? Twists g...

  • Love At Infinite Height
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    Alex fell in love with a girl he didn't know when he was only 13 years old..but later he moved to California with his family.. Laura was a girl with attitude and being the only heir to her father's empire she used to get everything.. I think this is enough for description..Find out more in the story :) I want to creat...