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  • The War of Empires
    107 20 9

    A dark army from the Province of Shilli enters the Empire of Tamunia through the dwarf mines, the once empress Paege, wants revenge and she will get it, no matter what.

  • From Rucharc Castle
    47 10 3

    There are many people who are ruled over by Rucharc Castle. Only very few get to go there and live in the splendid castle. Meet Penny, the gypsy trapezist and tightroper, who has lived in a caravan her whole life. Meet Solstice, the knowledgeable richie, who has lived in Parclaw (the capital city and closest to Ruch...

  • Guardians of Ga'Hoole: The Next Generations
    438 42 6

    [TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED] Onyx is a little barn owl who lives in the Forest of Tyto with his sister, Pansy and his parents. When his parents, Raine and Jill go out on a hunting trip, a raging forest fire tears through Onyx's home. Luckily, Onyx and Pansy get saved by the Guardians. Back at the Tree of Ga'Hoole, the G...

  • Escape from Cirices Part 2
    433 74 13

    [ONGOING] [ON HOLD] Abigail, Lokeyia, Magda and Sara have already escaped Cirices, ran away from incoming Meropian troops, hid in the wilderness and snuck into Merope to gain information and have got centimetres from prison's and death's hands. Now, the town of Asteria beckons, as it is the closest ally to Merope. Th...

  • Acidic Tears
    147 32 6

    "There is a world. A world where acidic rain pours down unexpectedly. A world where acid destroys. A world where basic and neutral is inexistent. A world where rubble kills. This used to be the world where you and I thrived. But now it has changed and may never be the same." I didn't believe it at first. But this is r...

  • Elemental
    1K 72 18

    Water Fire Earth Air 4 Elements. 4 bearers. Being an Elemental Bearer is hard.With huge gifts and talents come huge responsibilities: balancing the elements and looking after humanity. Follow the journey of the 4 bearers as they battle through the obstacles of life and... The other elements?! As conflict happens betw...

  • Escape from Cirices Part 1
    2K 365 49

    [COMPLETE] When Cirices is threatened to be overtaken by a neighbouring, larger town, Merope, anxiety, panic and depression rises in Cirices. When Abigail's parents arrange her to escape Cirices, she has no choice but to if she doesn't want to be captured by the cruel and merciless Meropians and imprisoned. Abigail an...

  • Howl of an Owl
    834 74 14

    Shadow is a young orphan owl, with wings of the stars and destiny on his talons. When his world begins to crumble, he receives a prophecy that puts him out on a journey: he must find the lost beasts of the forest. Wolves.