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  • a graphic dump.
    16.7K 2.6K 102

    covers, posters, contest entries; just stuff i make but can't really do anything with. est. 2017

  • Fart's Graphics
    161K 16K 87

    hello! i am andy and i make things. here lies a portfolio and cover shop. come on in, i don't bite! #92 in random; 11.11.17 #91 in random; 11.30.17 #1 in design, #1 in edits; 5.18 STATUS: CLOSED FOR REQUESTS --- first opened 3.28.17 copyright ©...

  • graphic design for dummies ( under construction. )
    10.4K 829 20

    ❝ HELP ME OUT, 'CAUSE I DON'T WANNA DO THIS ON MY OWN ❞ [tutorials, tips and help by a little grape who needs help herself ; tutorials are for MOBILE ] BEAUTIFUL COVER BY @wreaths- easy to understand tips, tricks and tutorials on how to make better graphics and editing tutorials for beginners, lazy people and broke p...

  • bliss bakery ; graphics.
    59.9K 7.4K 117

    ❝ BLISS ; N) PERFECT HAPPINESS ; GREAT JOY ❞ status | CLOSED in which zoe returns and throws together some more graphic meals for you. enjoy your meal at BLISS BAKERY! graphics book sequel to CREATIVITY CAFÉ. highest ranking | R223 [ lowercase intended ]

  • creativity café ; graphics.
    22.5K 2.7K 100

    CLOSED FOREVER, NEW BOOK IS BLISS BAKERY ❝ CARPE COCOA ❞ ( seize the chocolate ) status | closed forever in which zoe throws together a couple graphic meals for you. enjoy your meal at CREATIVITY CAFÉ! highest ranking | R508 [ lowercase intended ] warning | high leve...

  • The Graphic Map » A Cover Guide
    47.3K 2.3K 38

    I present to you... The Graphic Map! Your guide to becoming a better graphic editor! Learn new tricks and techniques from the members! Learn how to make certain cover styles! Find out where to get THE perfect resources! Fonts, PNGs, tutorials, apps, and so much more! We've got ya covered! A bunch of cover hacks for yo...

  • Photoshop Tutorial
    51K 1.2K 18

    photoshop tutorial and more. c:

  • Pixlr Tutorials
    141K 4.2K 52

    Tutorials for cover makers who use Pixlr.

  • ━━ magdalene; book cover tips
    196K 4.1K 24

    Just a few editing tips to help you out. [ BOOK COVER TIPS ] [aahsoka - 2015]

  • Cover Tutorials
    130K 5.7K 29

    All the tips and tricks you need to create the best covers you can! Tutorials for Photoshop, Pixlr, mobile apps and more!

  • Graphic Resources
    112K 4K 56

    Templates, tips, tutorials, and more. [#172 Random]

  • crazies: a guide to the mdc
    42.2K 1.2K 28

    This is a guide to the mdc by Chef Meatball and King Sandwich. There are too many cray people that have no understanding about the MDC that we decided there should be a guide; a guide that would educate new people everything and anything mdc related including random tidbits of random, a few tips/tricks in graphic maki...

  • Book Cover Tips
    163K 4K 27

    the one in which i attempt to help you to make book covers through tips, templates and tutorials. [i am in no way a professional graphic designer, but i hope i can help anyway!] » i wrote this book ages ago so the covers in here aren't that great, but hopefully the tips are still helpful!

  • How to: Covers
    17.2K 472 8

    hell yeah! cover tutorials! warning: no pro here update: once a week (weekends)

  • The M.D.C. Handbook
    5.1K 325 13

    How can I get the perfect cover for my book? What makes a good cover? How do I become a designer? Do I have what it takes to be a designer? Where do I even start? Start here, at Vee's comprehensive guide to the MDC. Whether you're an aspiring graphic artist or just looking for some skin for your Wattpad book, this is...

  • photoshop tutorials -
    22.6K 950 5

    a basic guide to photoshop. hope it's helpful! #34 non-fiction

  • Tutorials
    56.8K 1.3K 16

    Graphic/Coding/Art tutorials for beginners to advance. Offers tutorials in various programs! These tutorials are were created by the wattpaders! Submit yours, today! (Cover by Ashihara)

  • Tutorials
    56.9K 2.8K 19

    Desperate to learn how to use GIMP or Pixlr or Photoshop? Want to learn HOW EXACTLY they made that beautiful cover? You've come to the right place! In our tutorial book, the Guild members will be posting tutorials of their own graphics -- through either YouTube videos or step-by-step written instructions with screensh...

  • Tutorials
    28.5K 734 6

    Templates, tips and tutorials for you by me :) © graphicshelp 2016 credit to the owners of some of the templates posted

  • Graphic Tips And Tutorials
    6.8K 248 9

    So you don't know how to use Pixlr or Photoshop? Or do you just want some tips? Then you're in the right place here! In The Tutorial Book you will find many tips, tricks and tutorials to help you design your graphics!

  • Photoshop for Blockheads
    1.4K 3 1

    In Photoshop for Blockheads, it has all you need to know about navigating your way through Photoshop (even if you are a blockhead).

  • recipe for disaster ; graphic tips/tutorials.
    6.9K 467 11

    ❝ CREATIVITY BLEEDS FROM THE PEN OF INSPIRATION ❞ a cookbook of zoe's top secret recipes ↝ warning ; severely untested recipes, may result in explosions, serious injuries or death ↝ disclaimer ; in no way am i saying i am the gordon ramsay of graphic design and in truth be told, i'm most probably the nevi...

  • Pixlr Tutorials
    50.8K 1.3K 35

    In which I share with you a variety of step-by-step tutorials on Pixlr Editor.

  • Graphic Resources|Kitzsune
    12.1K 660 16

    Graphic Resources to enhance your covers, banners, etc! You may request resources on here as well; just kindly comment on any chapter (or on my profile) what you are looking for and I will reply if I can make or find it. I may also deny your request if it is too difficult. © to the original owners of the resources tha...

  • m e t a n o i a ~ book cover tips
    859 63 7

    in which laurel, in all her amazing godliness, gives you some graphic tips, templates, tutorials, filters and resources. » cover by [ m e ] » tips for [ m o b i l e u s e r s ] » highest ranking [ n / a ] » all rights reserved -lightsout 2017

  • Cover Tips
    310K 16.2K 131

    a DIY for cover makers. #10 in covers

  • Graphics Reviews
    11.8K 766 43

    Submit your graphics and our esteemed designers will give you honest critiques and tell you how you can improve your work. (For beginners and advanced)