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  • [CURRENTLY BEING EDITED AUG.2017] The Arts (Mazzi Maz Fanfic) [R/EXPLICIT]
    35.2K 335 59

    Please, you must read the introduction of this fanfic. You'll understand the main character and you might be able to connect to them on a 'spiritual level'; what the hell do I know right? Well, I hope you all enjoy. WARNING: This is a fanfiction about Mazzi Maz, there will be tons of graphic stuff in this, i.e. sex, a...

  • Neighbors- A Mazzi Maz Fanfic
    32.9K 1.2K 45

    Scarlet was just an average girl who moves to her dream town along with her best friend, Amy. But she realizes her apartment is right next door to a boy who would change her perspective of everything. Will she fall too far until she realizes that she fell too quick?

  • Internet siblings ( Mazzi Maz fanfic )
    6.9K 279 30

    Ɛηנσу му вσσк....

  • About A Youtuber ( A Mazzi Maz Fanfiction)
    700 28 4

    An shy newly popular beauty guru, Maya, goes to her first YouTube convention, playlist live. She meets all her internet heroes and even some crushes, including the white chinned British youtuber Mazzi Maz. When the two meet they have an instant connection, but Maya thinks nothing of it until Maz finally asks her out...

  • The Exchange Student (A Mazzi Maz Fan Fiction)
    31.1K 966 27

    Jasmine Reynolds is anything but exciting. She lives a very mundane life doing exactly what she's supposed to do. She should have more friends than she does which is.. none. No one has had the courage to stand behind her after the revelation of her past. Just as she thought her life had hit her peak, her life was turn...