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  • Uzui X Reader Lemon
    19.2K 395 7

    This story is MATURE! It is not for readers under the age of 16. Read with your own caution.

  • Human! FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios
    103K 1K 24

    Enjoy, Vote, and Comment. Bye!

  • frank iero x reader smut
    133K 1.7K 23

    well written frank iero × reader smut. frerard included. highest ranking #54 on MCR highest ranking #1 on MCRX

  • ❥𝓢𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓢𝓶𝓾𝓽𝓼❥ Sally Face
    191K 3K 42

    Here's a new collection of Sally face smuts. I'm focusing mainly on Sal, and Larry, possibly Chug in the near future :) ♡♡Enjoy and happy reading! Everything in this book is not for the light of heart, if you're planning on attacking my themes because YOU'RE PERSONALLY OFFENDED, just click away because this is not for...

  • Band Imagines
    95.8K 1.1K 10

    A collection of both smutty and fluffy band imagines. Have fun reading.

  • Is It Really Love? (Tord X reader)
    3.9K 104 8

    / Stockholm syndrome will be involved/

  • Dream Daddies x Reader (Smut & Lemon)
    40.6K 400 6

    ☆ fan-fiction lemon on every Dream Daddy. ;)

  • Various! Dream Daddy X Reader Oneshots (On hiatus)
    12.6K 278 4

    I got into dream Daddy game, and I decided to do some Oneshots for you guys, requests will forever be open!

  • Dream Daddy one shots
    31.2K 453 27

    I changed the title of this book because I just realized that I ship my dad character, Danny, with the dad's in the game. So, happy requesting! 💜💙💚🖤❤️

  • Dream Daddy One-Shots
    18.1K 299 6

    **Hey guys! Another story. Because I need to keep adding new stories (I am so sorry you guys. :p I keep getting into new fandoms). ** Warning: This will contain boy/boy stories. This is basically a book about one-shots based on the Dream Daddy Daddies. One-shots will include Damien, Robert, Hugo, Craig, Mat, Brian and...

  • Dream Daddy x Reader (Requests CLOSED!)
    35.7K 660 9

    oh no. its time. currently taking requests. I'm iffy on smut though. i mostly read it rather than write it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE REQUESTS IN THE REQUESTS CHAPTER IT IS MUCH EASIER FOR ME TO KEEP TRACK OF THEM!! i do female, male, even toasters. I will do all characters. NOT JUST CRAIG I REPEAT I WILL DO...

  • Dream Daddy Character Oneshots (Requests available)
    16.4K 457 12

    Welcome to my book of oneshots for the game Dream Daddy. Featuring Craig, Damien, Robert, Brian, Mat, Joseph, Hugo, and Amanda (Probably). Anything from Fluff to Lemon! (You're welcome @trendycupcakes ) In this story you have your own teenage daughter. Name and looks of said daughter are yours to imagine!

  • Dream Daddy One Shots
    31.4K 351 6

    Characters from dream daddy x reader one shots. Requests are open.

  • New Dad in town(Dream Daddies x Reader)
    1.7K 2 3

    Credit to artist: Unknown???? ------------- Dream Daddy does not belong to me, it belongs to Game Grumps credits to them ------------- of course the is no description to this because, know...if you played the game or watch someone play (markiplier, Jacksceptieye, Hoodiepanda, wolftooth) then you understand :...

  • Dream Daddy Images
    18.3K 305 9

    Images from the game dream daddy. Not that hard to figure out Written by C

    Completed   Mature
  • Dream Daddy x Reader (NO REQUESTING)
    149K 3.2K 29

    Dream Daddy x Reader Reader can be any gender I don't own Dream Daddy #984 in Fanfiction (August 27th, 2017) #535 in Fanfiction (August 28th 2017) #10 in Game Grumps! (May 9th, 2018)

  • Mr. Brightside | Dream Daddy x Reader
    44.1K 900 9

    [Completed | Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator x Reader] It wasn't that big of a deal since you were still in the same town. The move was to a cul-de-sac, where you see many different houses with different types of people. You knew that a change of perspective was going to benefit both you and your daughter, Amanda...

  • Dream Daddy OneShots
    14.1K 237 5

    Welcome to where your daddy x Reader ideas come into fanfictions. Come sit down in the Coffee Spoon and read my one shots enjoy and please do read the first chapter it is important Artwork credit: Tumblr ardinaryas

  • Dream Daddy one-shots
    1.7K 28 2

    You can request whatever you want and I'll do my best to provide.

  • DREAM DADDIES ♡ (Dream Daddy Imagines)
    222K 1.6K 12

    We all know the game Dream Daddy, so why not do a Dream Daddy x Reader or imagines whatever you like to call it ;DDD I'm just gonna do a simple shot, not just do a long shot coz I'm lazy and I wanna get things done :3 hope ye enjoy this shot. If not, Joseph is going to come at yo door and sacrifice your living soul...

  • Dream Daddy Imagines
    309 5 1

    Wow, I'm obsessed with this game now. So I decided to make imagines. Feel free to request! Disclaimer: I don't own Dream Daddy or any of the characters. All art in this book belongs to the artists that made them.

  • Dream Daddy- Collection of oneshots
    13.4K 269 6

    Good ol' stories about our fav daddies! •Requests are open!! •Will write about any dad, kids, or even MARY! •Requests must have an idea and can be in a specific gender if asked for •This is my first book, so I'd enjoy constructive criticism or any kind of feedback •Dream Daddy belongs to Game Grumps •Enjoy ❤️

  • Dream Daddy x male! Reader oneshots
    22.6K 375 9

    Find your daddy, will it be Damien Craig Joseph Brian Mat Robert Hugo? Whooop I do not own the Dream Daddy game or characters. I just own this book. Everything belongs to the proper owners.

  • Dream Daddy (one shots, preferences, imagines)
    45.5K 718 9

    "You are the one I want to be"

  • Dream Daddy|~| Craig Cahn x reader (Or Craig Cahn × reader)
    37.2K 771 19

    Well I did fall in love with this game. and when Mark played it I loved it even more. When I was looking though wattpad and searching For CRAIG X READER I couldn't find it. MIGHT as well make one my self!! @Sugainfiresme please watch it ya bitch. (don't worry guys she's my friend. she calls me a pussy sometimes!!!) ...

  • Dream Daddy Oneshots
    448 12 1

    Oneshots featuring the dads from dream daddy! You can request, but it may take a while to get to requests because I'm not always motivated to write. For non-requested smut Oneshots I will be writing with a trans male character because I am trans so naturally, my character is too. Feel free to request a character of an...

  • Dream Daddy: Joseph
    9.8K 161 11

    just some lovely Joseph one shots in Dream Daddy. because I love Joseph!!!! There might be some other dads too

  • Dream Daddy Oneshots
    4.1K 53 2

    Choose that dad! Welcome to my Oneshots of Dream Daddy! Requests: Open! Have fun hanging out with the dads! DISCLAIMER THAT DREAM DADDY BELONGS TO GAME GRUMPS AND THAT THIS IS A X MALE READER ONLY

  • Dream Daddy X Reader! (Lemons?)
    1.3K 7 1

    Since the fandom is getting a bit bigger, I figured I would give this a shot. Some may or may not contain lemons? I do do requests!

  • Tord x Reader Lemon
    19.2K 213 19

    hi guys ! this is my first lemon story. I wrote this because i really like Eddsworld and my fav character is Tord Larrson. But i think in this story i will have really bad grammer. And that edit is not mine.