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  • Promising Memoirs | h.s. (In Slow Editing)
    161K 5K 85

    Aubrey, at 19 years young, just finished her first year in University and finally got the chance to visit her childhood best friend in London - Eleanor. During what she planned out to be just a short trip, obstacles appear, and change the plans she had. Harry, at 21 came back from studying in Oxford, to live back hom...

  • Crash and Fall [Harry Styles Fanfiction]
    11.7K 584 56

    What happens when fate plays with two people from two different ends of the spectrum? A broken girl who knows her identity but doesn't know how to make her mark in this world and a lost boy who's already made his mark but doesn't know what his identity is. In a strange string of events, twenty year old Hiraya "Hope"...

  • Bundle {h.s} (au) ( EDITING )
    276K 5.5K 63

    This was our creation. Our baby. He was adorable and he was ours, but the other half of him wasn't here. Wasn't in the picture and I know my son wants his other half. He wants him here, but I don't know how to make that happen. When Providence Rhodes lost her relationship with long time boyfriend Harry leaves her preg...

  • Nudity {h.s} ( COMPLETED )
    69.2K 1.7K 39

    "Under your clothing I saw a piece of angelic art." Harry whispered to me. "I saw the angelic piece of art we call Nudity." New story I do not allow translations!! ©All rights reserved ©Richy_Richy

    Completed   Mature