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  • Catastrophe Resources
    45K 3.4K 52

    You can find backgrounds, textures, fonts and stock photos for your graphic needs! All resources are made by me unless stated. Enjoy! reached #40 in The Random Category

  • Book Cover Tips
    62.6K 1.6K 17

    Where I show you how to make the perfect cover for your book.

  • The Graphic Map » A Cover Guide
    47.8K 2.3K 38

    I present to you... The Graphic Map! Your guide to becoming a better graphic editor! Learn new tricks and techniques from the members! Learn how to make certain cover styles! Find out where to get THE perfect resources! Fonts, PNGs, tutorials, apps, and so much more! We've got ya covered! A bunch of cover hacks for yo...

  • [Templates For Covers]
    276K 5.5K 161

    (Random Book) •[Templates] •[Collages] •[Pictures || Wallpapers] •[Portraits] •[Textures || Graphics // Overlays] •[Fonts] •[Apps] •[PnGs] ☇☇☇ {🏳 I don't claim or own the pictures. Those pictures are found on apps or sites. Credit goes to the real owners.♡}

  • Picsart And Photoshop Touch Tutorials!
    29.8K 1K 47

    Highest ranking #51 in random 08/20/17; the first ever Photoshop touch and Picsart tutorials IN ONE! [√] tutorials [√] Tips [√] freebie [√] styles [√] blending [√] Apps needed [√] Fonts Welcome to picsart and photoshop tutorials with cheyne!

  • Cover Tips | how to make covers
    139K 2.7K 20

    as the title suggests

  • [Templates For Covers 2.0]
    31.5K 591 19

    (Random Book - Book 2) •[Templates] •[Collages] •[Pictures || Wallpapers] •[Portraits] •[Textures || Graphics // Overlays] •[Fonts] •[Apps] •[PnGs] ☇☇☇ {🏳 I don't claim or own the pictures. Those pictures are found on apps or sites. Credit goes to the real owners.♡}

  • Graphic Resources
    121K 4.1K 56

    Templates, tips, tutorials, and more. [#172 Random]

  • Book Cover Tips
    11.3K 226 27

    The Titles says it all. It is a book where a girl is so bored that she wants to make cover book tips to help other people make their own covers themselves. And best of all.....HAVE FUN!

    21.6K 558 48

    In which I, Lee, give you tutorials for some covers I think are pretty cool. [template by @-voidallison|formerly titled Flower Queen]

  • Cover Tutorials
    69.7K 1.8K 51

    In which a girl with fleeky eyebrows shows you how to make mediocre covers. Please give credit! - some ideas from voidallison #8 in cover tutorial - highest ranking

  • all these templates.
    119K 2K 46

    A book of templates, no watermarks. 100% free to use. Semi-original.

  • How To Mobile Edit (PicsartXibispaint)
    123K 5K 151

    How to make graphic on mobile and resources. Just anything you need! Ibispaint and picsart. Sorry, but scroll DOWN to see the ibispaint tutorial

  • Picsart tips and tricks
    59.9K 1.5K 33

    Need to know how to make covers easily on your phone or computer?Here I'll show you how to learn great tricks leading you to be future great cover maker.this will be mostly on apps but I'll do a few computer ones. I'm pretty sure these work with android. Well I hope these work for you! Highest ranking #2 in ' picsart'...

  • « how I make my covers »
    141K 3.6K 31

    in which I show you how I make my covers...

  • Resources ▹ Tutorials, Tips & Help
    103K 3.8K 26

    A book where you'll find resources, tutorials, faceclaims, fonts, PNGs, textures, brushes & possibly more. A little bit of everything.

  • a cherry on top ; graphic resources
    49.6K 3.1K 37

    Serving graphics and tutorials with a special, "Cherry On Top"

  • Graphics Tips and Tutorials
    18.4K 943 27

    If you're good at graphics but want to get better then step inside. From photo manipulation to text placement, we have all the tips you'll need to get through being a graphics artist on wattpad.

  • cover tips
    19.8K 904 22

    I, hidaya, will help you to figure out how to make decent cover.

  • Embellish ▽ Cover Templates, Supplies, More [ON HIATUS]
    216K 6.1K 76

    Hannah, a fangirl with so many mixed emotions makes some random templates when she has free time and when she's bored. This also includes book supplies/resources, pngs, textures, etc. [ON HIATUS]

  • Cover Tips
    318K 16.3K 131

    a DIY for cover makers. #10 in covers

  • Templates
    217K 4.5K 29

    You there! Yes, you the one who's reading these very words in this very moment. Welcome to my Templates book! Yes it is full of templates, and yes I made them by myself *cue all by myself music*. I may also add some cover tips but this book is all about TEMPLATES as said by the title of the book.

  • Cover Tips
    140K 5.2K 25

    where I (lowly cover maker) will provide you (sexy homo sapien) with templates, tutorials, and other graphic-y stuff for your books. enjoy. or don't, it's up to you man. ___ highest ranking: #207 in random :) #7 in tutorials :)

  • tutorials le graphics。
    49.4K 2.8K 33

    tutorials le graphics。 (v1 & v2 compilation) ー tutorials, tips and templates  from yours truly!

  • Rem's Guide to Graphic Making
    40.8K 1.4K 12

    On popular demand, I made a how-to graphic book~ c: Here I will provide instructions on how to find the best picture, what apps I use, and make tutorials of requested covers.

    261K 8.5K 53

    Includes Templates, Tutorials and more. 2016 Highest Rank: #21 in Random

  • Cover Templates And Tutorials
    133K 3K 77

    This is a book where I post templates and tutorials. For every template I put in this book I will write instructions on how to use it. I also will be showing you tutorials that don't have to do with templates. For example how to make ombré text, add cool effects, manipulation... I use both PicsArt and Superimpose. I...

  • Book Cover Tips 2
    369K 10.8K 52

    Still need help with creating book covers or just editing in general? Then you're in the right place! [ cover contest winner @khylinrhambo ]

  • Book Cover Tips
    2.7M 68.9K 201

    Need help with creating books covers or just editing in general? Then you're in the right place! {cover contest winner @wheeIer} [#3 in Random - May 7th]

  • Book Cover Tips
    167K 4.1K 27

    the one in which i attempt to help you to make book covers through tips, templates and tutorials. [i am in no way a professional graphic designer, but i hope i can help anyway!] » i wrote this book ages ago so the covers in here aren't that great, but hopefully the tips are still helpful!