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  • The Bad Boy and The Tomboy
    108M 3.4M 117

    The Bad Boy and The Tomboy is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Nicknames, a love of soccer, and school rumors are all the bad boy and the tomboy have in common. But if they give each other a chance, will they find something...

  • Midnight Lullabies
    291K 12.1K 61

    Perhaps someday these words will make up for the bloodshot eyes and sleepless nights. [H.R: #13 in Poetry] beautiful cover by: @-averagesky

  • Occidere Academy: school for killers|EDITING|
    6.1K 27 5

    Killing Spree??? Well let's go She's Violet Scarlet Jin Lazavaro. A secret devil A/N: Hello po, sana magustuhan nJimyo ito. Hindi po ako nag copy ng ibang stories. Language: English and Tagalog Thank you, Love lotssss

  • Pakisabi Na Lang (A JaiLene Fanfiction)
    72.9K 2.6K 68

    Sa kabila ng pang-MMK na istorya ng kanyang buhay ay nanatiling kalog at maloko si Shirley. Ba't ba niya kailangang indain ang mga problema? Malulungkot lang siya. At wala na din namang magbabago kung iiyakan niya pa ang mga bagay na hindi niya na mababago pa. Kaya buong buhay niya iniwasan niyang malungkot. Iniwasa...

  • My Morena Girl
    352K 8.8K 83

    "HOY MANGGI!!!!"

  • The Transferee
    161K 2.8K 7

    Si Hannah Avery De Vera ay ang pinakamatalinong top student sa campus nila. Studies had always been her topmost priority since she was still a kid, thus making her this very sober and bright kid that she is today. The fact that she's not the type of girl who's easily distracted by someone who is just a no one to...

  • Ako At Si Nerdy Boy
    55.5K 1.2K 32

    AKO AT SI NERDY BOY Omg! Bakit mo tinapakan ung paa ko! Gusto mo bang ipakick out kita dito! Pasigaw na sabi ko sa nerd na toh. Nakakahigh blood kasi eh, sobrang kapal na nga ng eyeglassed niya hindi pa niya nakita yung paa ko. Nakakasira siya ng araw! Uhmmm!! Sorry po Ms. Sungit! Diko po sinasadya! Sana po huwag niyo...

  • arranged wedding to a nerd [On Going]
    25.3K 573 3

    kwento tungkol sa nerd na nagpakasal sa heartthrobbb ❤

  • I Fell In Love With My Bestfriend
    51.5K 666 4

    Inspired by May Nai Fai Rang Frer ✨

  • The Gangster's Love
    966K 18.6K 61

    HIGHEST RANK: #19 In ROMANCE 💕 © All Right Reserved 2016

  • Lucky Inlove (Completed & Editing)
    1.7M 24.1K 34

    #349 in Teen Fiction! [TAG-LISH] Connor Julian Park (Ahn Jae Hyun). Well known as Prince Connor of CJP Academy. CJPA stands for Connor Julian Park Academy. Connor is a spoiled brat of his Mother and Father. He was born in Korea. He stayed there when he was in the age of 5 at Korea. At the age of 6 he was raised in Phi...

  • Tutoring the Bad Boy
    8M 188K 60

    [#1 in Fiction][complete] Kaitlyn MacDonald. Your typical nerd. Shy, smart, and more than a little bit awkward. Tutors for extra credit, even though she doesn't need it. Drew McCarthy. Your typical bad boy. Basketball jock, extremely attractive, and has more girls' numbers than missing homework. And he never does hi...

  • Jesse's Girl
    6.7M 80.5K 43

    While trying to get through high school, Carson has always noticed the same routine with Jesse - the school's 'player', as some like to say. He would leave countless girls crying, and he'd find someone else soon after. But when that someone else is Carson herself, she promises that she won't be the one crying when it'...

  • Summer with The Bad Boy
    2.1M 33.5K 46

    "We're going to send you to a behaviour camp. 'It's called Cormac Camp for Youth's." I was ready to faint. *** "What's your name again?" I asked. "Josh Walker," he replied, looking out at the fields in front of him. *** Fights, near death accidents and cafeteria food. Archery, bush wa...

  • BOOK 1: The Bad Boy's Roommate - EDITING
    301K 5.9K 12

    Bad boys can change, right? Wrong. According to Eloise, there is nothing worse than wasting your time on a boy who is only going to cheat and break your heart. But that's all before she sets her sights on Reagan Parish, your typical bad boy. To him, everything is a game, and he always wins. Will Eloise see that maybe...

  • Special Section (Published under Pop Fiction)
    34.8M 756K 54

    The students of Special Section are dying, one by one. Some say it's a curse, but the transfer student believes that someone is killing her classmates. How can Rhianne stop the killing when anyone can be the killer? Will she be able to find the killer before the killer finds her? *** When Rhianne transferred schools a...

  • Pangarap Na Lang Ba? [Editing]
    1K 79 10

    "Pangarap Nalang Ba?" Started : May 23,2016 Althea Princess Vasquez. Isang fan ni Juan Karlos Labajo. Isang fan na hindi afford pumunta ng mall tours and concerts. Di kayang makabili ng mga album and merchandises pero kung suporta ang pag uusapan may ibubuga naman. Sya yung klase ng fan na handang I cheer ang iniidolo...

  • I'm his TUTOR
    54.6M 764K 56

    She likes being alone while he loves being the center of attention. She'd rather stay at home, reading books while he'd be in the crowd, playing for his band. No one cares about her existence while he is every girl's dream guy. Two opposite people bound to meet each together. One's a smart quiet student, the other's a...

  • Diary ng Flat Chested
    1.6K 92 8

    F-L-A-T-C-H-E-S-T-E-D Fafa Google meaning : A woman having a small breast hahahaha. (SHORT STORY)

  • BOOK1: Accidentally In love With A Gangster [Published under Pop Fiction]
    105M 2.2M 101

    Now published under Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Books. P195, Taglish Part 1 Theirs is a story that started all wrong. Naglayas si Gail sa bahay nila sa Manila, looking forward to spending the best summer of her life in the quiet town of Sitio Maligaya. Ang hindi niya alam, gang leader Kurt agreed to a mission na...