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  • Bee-oi {book 6; why this}
    3.5K 637 198

    Personal book 6 of my daily life For friends & family only

  • you made a crack book in the wrong neighborhood
    2.1K 95 8

    Viktor liek dat good Yuuri assssssss

  • Your choice >> Viktuuri (mpreg)
    313K 9.4K 30

    "It was your fucking choice to stay or to leave, and you left!", Yuuri screamed in tears. "I'm sorry.", Viktor held his head low. (story cover made by @lilzistrash)

  • BEE-oi {book 5; end my misery}
    2.7K 742 212

    Welcome to book 5 of my daily life

  • Ariana x Kryoz - True Love
    110 7 2

    Ariana has loved Kryoz long time

  • bee-oi {book 4}
    3.2K 740 202

    Reached the limit of chapters Book 3 lets goooooo

  • bOi (book 3)
    3.7K 587 203

    Book 3 of a book about my daily life :)

  • boi pt.2
    12.2K 1K 200


  • Art Awt Awt
    541 65 33

    Awt Awt becyz me cannotz pronunce an 'r'

  • Duck x Milk
    26 2 1

    a big chunky, box, sharp edged milk cartoon walld in vry delramaticly. Struting her stuff....

  • ~Lunch~ Taco x Reader
    381 13 3

    I actually hate x Readers but here you go I wrote this because I'm bored plsloveme

  • Art book/ Stupid memes
    1.3K 175 30

    Why did I make this

  • ~A Mistake~A ShrekxClaudeFaustusxCaptainCrunch Fanfiction(Lemon)
    1K 46 12

    My first fanfic. Kill me now. This contains memes and yaoi, so if you don't like gayness and sour yellow fruits then you're not dank enough to read this. Enjoy~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • A Girls Guide To Everything
    11.3K 324 14

    Advice on how to survive being a certain species called a girl ~

  • Yuri!!! In Hell | Vikturi
    5.2K 289 19

    Viktor was about to get robbed when he somehow ended up trapped in a basement. Yuri's basement. Yuri doesn't seem as innocent as Viktor thought.

    Completed   Mature
  • annyeonghaseyo
    805 146 86

    annyeonghaseyo oPpAr

  • APOLLYON {Editing}
    916 266 16

    Darahu is the son of the powerful demon from hell, but after the kings death he is stucked on earth left alone with his only friend Zadda. They go on a wild adventure to end the evil that's after him and discover something between them they always wanted.

  • Art Book
    1.8K 311 32

    A book with drawings I did. Be warned, everything here is trashy. Requests: yeEEeeSssS Art Trades: YES PLEASE Collabs: nope! Not yet.

  • Why Not
    4.2K 277 134

    Oneshots, computer rants, and stuff I think is funny