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  • I Love You since 1892 (Published by ABS-CBN Books)
    113M 2.3M 56

    Si Carmelita Montecarlos ay ang bunsong anak ng pinakamayamang angkan sa San Alfonso. Habang si Juanito Alfonso naman ay ang anak ng pinakamaimpluwensiya at makapangyarihang gobernadorcillo. Itinadhana silang mag-ibigan na pinagtibay ng kasunduan. Nakatakda silang ikasal sa ika-dalawampung kaarawan ni Carmelita. Ngun...

  • Chasing Hurricane
    10.6M 440K 32

    Hanapan ng girlpren si bitter bestfriend na friendzoned since birth? Game!

  • Good night, Enemy (Published under PSICOM)
    13.6M 603K 75

    (FHS#1) Braylee wants to make her friends happy, Denver wants to get some sleep. She's hell-bent on making the world a better place while he's desperate for some rest. When their paths crossed on a midnight bus ride, he finally found the remedy in her. But, it just so happens that he's the captain of their rival baske...

  • Stay awake, Agatha (PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM)
    31.5M 1.1M 37

    Agatha suffers from a rare disorder that makes her sleep in a long period of time. But what happens when the modern-day sleeping beauty meets an idiotic guy hell-bent on keeping her awake? Well, this is the story of two special teenagers fighting for their ill-fated love. (A CHASING HURRICANE SPIN-OFF)

  • The Living Arrow (SWSCA #2)
    13.4M 458K 43

    Book 2 of She Who Stole Cupid's Arrow

  • Game Over (The Falling Game #2)
    28.4M 727K 47

    BOOK 2 OF THE FALLING GAME "Natalo ako. Pero natuto ako. Ngayon, hindi na ako magpapauto. Hindi na ako magpapagamit. Sisiguraduhin kong sa laro ng pag-ibig, pag na-game over ulit, hindi na ako ang talunan." - Timi

  • Hell University (PUBLISHED)
    152M 4.8M 67

    A place where everything is mysterious, enchanting, bloody, and shitty. Entering is the other way of suicidal. Just one wrong move and everything will blur. A lot of secrets are being hid. Not the typical school to have fun. Death is everywhere. Bad, worse, worst, monster and evil are scattered. Must shut your mouth...

  • Class Picture 2 : Moriendo Renascor (Published under Cloak Pop Ficion)
    2.2M 61K 53

    "How can we make this world better?" St Venille High just got blooder! A fresh batch of students got enrolled in the 6th class. In the bizarre world of St. Venille, are you ready to unfold its darkest mystery? Once you're in, there's no turning back. In order to survive, you shall remember the only rule of this class:...

  • She Who Stole Cupid's Arrow
    34.3M 1M 69

    Sabi nila, lahat ng taong sobrang in love ay nagiging desperada. Kaya naman sa kagustuhan ni Jillian na mahalin siya ni Luke, nagawa niyang nakawin ang pana ni Kupido. At dahil sa ginawa niya, limang tao ngayon ang nanganganib na hindi na mahahanap ang kanilang one true love at idagdag pa ang pag-a-alboroto ni Kupido...

  • Breaking the Bad Boy (soon to be published with Movie adaptation)
    38.2M 1M 60

    Skie Gonzales is a just a typical Bad Boy. He doesn't follow rules, He makes the rules. He know he's bad but there's no stopping him. But that's what he thought, not until Angel Beatrix Dela Fuente came into his life.. the girl who's going to break him. Written by blue_maiden Start date: August 19, 2015 Completed: Apr...

  • Class Picture
    12.7M 195K 48

    The rumored curse of the 6th section is real, and the students of St. Venille High's current senior batch are paying for their ignorance with their lives. Can anyone find a way to break the curse before it's too late--or will history repeat itself once more? *** When St. Venille High's principal decidedly reopens the...

  • Teen Clash (Boys vs. Girls)
    171M 3.5M 76

    Sa Kingdom High kung saan magkakaaway ang mga lalaki at babae, posible bang may mabuong relasyon at pagkakaibigan? (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)

  • The Trouble with the Rule
    36.7M 1M 70

    Teen Clash (New Generation): An ordinary school with ordinary students following an ordinary rule. What's the rule? Simple. Stick to how things stand. A story about love, friendship and family. (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)

  • Wanted: SomeoneTo Love
    7.1M 200K 33

    Kung ang lahat ng tao sa paligid mo masaya, parang automatic na nagiging masaya ka na. Kung lahat naman sila malungkot, mararamdaman mo yung lungkot na nararamdaman nila. E paano kung lahat sila in love? Maiinlove ka rin ba? SYEMPRE HINDI. Kasi aminin mo man o hindi, inggit ang mararamdaman mo. (Ashley Scott Story: Co...

  • Teen Clash 2: Battle between Heart and Mind
    96.3M 1.9M 87

    TEEN CLASH BOOK 2: Just when you thought they finally got their happily-ever-after, a twist in the story will occur. (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)

  • The Relationship Code
    15.5M 491K 55

    (Completed) Book 2 of The Trouble with the Rule: Every relationship has its ups. It's all about flowers, butterflies and rainbows. Every relationship has its downs. The flowers will wither. The butterflies will die. The rainbows will disappear.

  • Suddenly It's Magic
    5M 135K 34

    Paano gagalaw ang lovestory ng dalawang tao kung si torpe, hindi maamin ang nararamdaman niya kay manhid, at si manhid, hindi maramdaman na mahal siya ni torpe? An ordinary manhid-torpe story. (Completed)

  • The Love Project
    13.4M 301K 53

    "I don't know how to love," sabi niya. "Then I'll teach you how to love," sagot naman ng isa. (Completed: Cass Scott Story) Original Version: Date started: November 2, 2012 Date ended: November 4, 2013 Revised: March 10, 2015 - April 1, 2015