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  • Antagonist | Komahina Fanfic
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    Hajime Hinata's least favorite fictional character comes to life, as absurd as that may seem. And to make matters even worse, that character has vowed their life - their entire existence - into protecting Hajime. Warning: Lots of fluff and some scenes with blood. Also, I wrote this back in January of 2019 so the writi...

  • Dear Saihara~
    57.6K 3.4K 17

    They always said life was unfair. Shuichi Saihara is about to discover how true that statement is, and what it means to be forgotten as he tracks down a mystery left by his classmate Kokichi Ouma.

    Completed   Mature
  • The DanganDump
    232 23 9

    uh. Im just gonna put danganrompa related things here when i feel like it maybe one shots maybe longer i dont know no smut though usually just fluff, maybe rare angst. Mostly V3, sometimes i might do SDR2 or the first game. Also sorry if I get things wrong, I'm really new to the franchise!

  • woah its this thing
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    Okay so if you arent one of the people im doing this for- idc if you read it or not. Im doing this to show appriciation for a bunch of friends so im taking requests from them and them only love you guys so much <3