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  • Repair Queen
    13.9K 328 5

    Jason cheats on Piper McLean with Praetor Reyna. Devastated, Piper turns to a certain repair boy for comfort. Or, an AU where Piper becomes a pop star [DISCONTINUED + UNDER REVISION] • • • COVER INFO Design by me Piper by monkeyscandance Leo by Viria

  • Fatal Flaw (a Percy Jackson AU)
    52.9K 2K 57

    Piper is diagnosed with borderline personality tendencies. Leo has run away too many times. Clarisse has anger issues. Calypso has been in almost solitary confinement for 16 years. Frank has hallucinations. Hazel thinks she's been reincarnated. Annabeth has been homeless for years. Nico is depressed. Percy is diagnose...

    Completed   Mature
  • Epsilon and his Army of Chaos (Watty's 2013) [COMPLETED]
    852K 21.2K 37

    I took one last, longing glance at my former home over my shoulder. I wished I could stay, but what was there to stay for? Annabeth deserted me, my father hated me and the campers no longer knew me as the hero who saved Olympus twice. This is the end, I thought. Taking a deep breath and blinking back tears in my eyes...

  • Chaos's Commander
    439K 11.7K 40

    There are 2 books in 1: Book one: Percy Jackson had been betrayed by everyone he knew. And it was all his fault. In a matter of weeks, Percy's life had turned upside down. Cheated,betrayed,hurt. That's all Percy felt as he looked back at camp for the last time. But what happens when Percy dies and meets Chaos? What h...

  • Far from Gone
    153K 3.1K 30

    "Don't worry. I'm far from gone, but you'll never have peace again from the constant memories of your betrayal. They won't ever be gone." These were the last words I told the gods of Olympus along with the campers who stood around and watch as I was sent to my so-called punishment.

  • The Lone Demigod
    72.2K 1.9K 10

    Who do you think Perseus Jackson is? A hero? Legend? Loyal? How about confused,tortured, and lonely? Percy Jackson is son of Posideon, one of the Big Three, and Savior of Olympus twice. Percy is accused of attacking his new half-brother, and the entire camp turns on him. Poseidon has disowned him, and he loses his on...

  • A Dishonored Demigod
    246K 5.7K 76

    *I don't own Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan does* He was loved He was loyal He was human He was cursed by Gaea His form changed to become the thing he fought against He was betrayed by those he called friends He was Percy Jackson I am a warrior I lashed out against those who sought to hurt me I know the meaning of suffe...

  • Shattered like glass. (PJO fanfic. Betrayal)
    306K 7K 42

    Percy is broken. Shattered. All his friends have betrayed him. Annabeth has cheated on him. Chiron thinks of him as a disgrace. And the gods do not know a thing about what has happened. The only one who knows what happened and has stayed with Percy the whole way is Nico, and he is hardly around. What happens after Per...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hunt's Guardian
    572K 8.3K 54

    Disclaimer: some parts are edited but there still are a lot of mistakes. Under editing Yes, I know some of the facts are wrong in the book, so please don't comment on them. They are simply wrong for the story line. (Pertemis) Percy's life was hard most of the time. Ever since he was born people had been giving him har...

  • The Returning Legend
    1.1M 32.2K 30

    Everything was going perfectly after the war was over. However, one day, when a son of Morpheus came to camp, Percy's perfect world started to crumble. He was once known as the leader of camp and Savior of Olympus. However, after much influence from this new demigod, he was known as the selfish jerk of the camp who ab...

  • Death Cannot Stop Me - A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction
    312K 7K 23

    Everyone thinks I'm dead. But I'm not. Hades and Nico are even fooled. And that's because I'm still down there. But a fake. The name is θύελλα. But you can call me Hurricane. Or Omega in formal occasions. It's a nickname from my soldiers. But I used to be someone else. Percy Jackson. But that part of me died when he...

  • PERCY JACKSON,MY PAST[COMPLETE](#YourStoryIndia)(#bluebirdaward2017)
    478K 10.1K 73

    Well getting betrayed and then becoming mortal was not in Percy's bucket list . But it happened. And it was horrible. But then again he started his life as mortal and became a successful singer in a band made by him and his mortal friends. But again he got betrayed by his so called mortal friends. He wanted to end his...

  • My Name is Omega, Not Percy Jackson
    1.8M 49.3K 79

    Percy Jackson ran away from his family and friends because they betrayed him. Zeus and Hades ask if he wants to be in Chaoses army as a commander. Percy accepts and becomes Omega (his code name.) Percy never wanted to go back to earth but when the gods and demigods need his help to defeat Kronos and Gaea he must becom...

  • Percy Jackson: Broken...
    160K 2.8K 18

    He was their eldest brother, he saved them. They were jealose. They banished him to Tartarus. The place did horrific things to him. Now he is back, but not the same loving person. No pairing This is a story of insanity and war!!!!!

  • The Forbidden Ones: Book 1 The Dark of the Moon
    47.3K 942 35

    For over a millennia certain gods are forbidden to have children but what would happen if they did and what would they be. This is the story of the only Son of Artemis

  • Percy Jackson Son Of Chaos
    286K 3.1K 34

    Betrayed Forgotten Abandoned Percy Jackson had a good life. Until his brother Nathan came along. Nathan turned everybody against him. His family,friends, and even the gods. When Percy comes back to find his girlfriend cheating on him with Nathan Something inside him snaps....

  • Percy Jackson is The shadows
    138K 2.6K 52

    Percy leaves camp and meets people who change his life. He gains family and friends he never thought he would. But what happens when part of his family starts turning against him?

  • The Combined Souls
    73.5K 2.1K 41

    Book 1 of the Lost Soul series. I am Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. I'm insane now. How did this happen? A kiss. Betrayal. How did that happen? A ring with an owl on it. A ring made out of black iron and a skull on it. What were those for? To propose. A promise to kill someone. I end up in Hell. I'm tortured f...

  • Percy Jackson Primordial Power (Completed)
    797K 14.4K 55

    Betrayed and Cheated Percy Jackson runs away only to find his real father is chaos. He disappears for a while before returning to defend the place he once called home. While he is back a certain silver eyed godess catches his eye and then his heart. COMMENT VOTE AND FOLLOW

  • Barrier | Percy Jackson (DISCONTINUED)
    362K 9.2K 40

    It hurts you know, betrayal. The pain slowly eating your heart, the words stabbing you, the negative thoughts circling your mind. Have you ever felt that pain? I did. When my friends believed an idiot who couldn't even hold a sword, when my father disowned me, when my girlfriend cheated on me. I left carrying that bu...

  • Percy Jackson the left hand of Chaos
    531K 13.3K 48

    He is lost, the hero once loved has died and left a shell of the man he once was. Being betrayed does things to people, he now lives a desolate life, heartless, he calls himself a monster, but is Percy Jackson really gone or has he just given up because loyalty runs both ways and without it Percy Jackson is nothing...

  • Second Chance (Percy Jackson Chaos Theory Fanfic)
    319K 7.6K 55

    Betrayed. Forgotten. Humiliated. Percy Jackson's life turns upside down when a new son of Poseidon comes to Camp Half-Blood. After a series of lies, Percy is despised and hated, even disclaimed by his father. His hero status is stripped from him. When Annabeth betrays him, that is the last straw. Percy Jackson commits...

    Completed   Mature
  • Betrayed and Hunted (Percy Jackson and Avengers) ((editing :D))
    423K 11.2K 30

    Percy is betrayed by Annabeth and runs away from camp and hits trouble. He is saved by a mysterious god. Soon he comes back to stop a Norse god who is trying to take over. Read on to find out what happens (btw i do not own PJO or HOO or Marvel characters) (Disclaimer: this was my first story so keep that in mind) It...

  • Betrayed (Percy Jackson Fanfic)
    427K 8.4K 44

    Everyone has issues. Even Percy,the savior of everyone's lame butts. But what happens when you get betrayed by the ones most closet to you? Percy has to deal with so much betrayal when his bratty cousin,Toby,shows up. With the new war raging,will Percy show up and save the day, or will he betray his fatal flaw and sta...

  • Betrayed Soul of the Sea
    664K 15.7K 22

    I have been betrayed; thrown away like yesterday's news. My brother has done nothing yet my friends fawn over him like he has saved Olympus. Even Annabeth has betrayed me. Having no friends, I ran away...and I became the second most powerful person in the universe. I am the Commander of Chaos. I am Percy Jackson.

  • Percy Jackson The Wolf Prince
    547K 12.5K 52

    (Warning; probably has plot holes) Highest ranking; #4 on pjo, #2 on chb After Percy Jackson gets betrayed by all his friends. Eventually he gets blamed for a crime he didn't do, he gets problems with some gangsters, but in a desperate attempt to escape them his car blows up, Lupa has to drag him into a lake to heal h...

  • Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfiction
    657K 13.4K 27

    Percy Jackson has saved the world two times, from Gaea and from Kronos. He can finally relax. But when his half brother Kurt arrives, he's betrayed by everybody except his three most reliable friends. When he decides he can't take it anymore, he leaves camp for good. Chaos offers Percy a place in his army and wants Pe...

  • Percy Jackson: Betrayed and wants Revenge
    307K 5.5K 32

    Perseus Jackson. Recognise that name? He used to be a hero. Fantastic demigod he used to be. Son of Poseidon? Until he got betrayed. He no longer has any friends. He no longer has any family. He no longer is the son of Poseidon. And he no longer is standing up for Camp Half-Blood. He's sick of them. That's why, h...