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    "BA SONTA NAKE BA" Shin dagaske ba sonta yake ba? Shin ita din son shi take??

  • Makhtoub
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    Duk abunda jalla jalaalu ya rubuta Toh tabbas babu wata halitta da ta isa ta tsallake wa'adin Ubangiji. Tunda ta ke bata taba zaton hakan ze kasance a gareta ba. Wai abinda take karantawa a littatafai kuma take gani a fina-finai shine yau zai faru a kanta? Tabbas rayuwar Dan Adam kacokam tana ga mahaliccinSa. Kuma shi...

  • Rags To Riches (Slow Update)
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    A book about Amina, a very simple black beauty who was born into a world full of racism and discrimination. This led to her low self esteem. Amina is hated by her father, step mother and brothers and the world in general. A story about racism, discrimination, sadness, happiness, patience and victory! . . . . This is a...

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    Kamar yadda rayuwar ko wace MATAR BAHAUSHE take zuwa cikin yanayi mabanbanta, haka tata rayuwar ta fara cike da tarin kalubale. Sai dai ta fannoni da dama, ta banbanta da sauran matan hausawa da suke sarewa cikar burinsu na yau da kullun. She's ambitious, very courageous, and she's determined to fulfill her dreams. M...

  • The unexpected encounter (modern love story):[Unedited]
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    This is a story about a young Muslim girl called Aisha who just concluded her secondary school education and gained admission to a higher institution . The story takes a turn when Aisha crossed paths with Naim a gentle, handsome, religious and cultured young man. Find out how faith brings them together in an epic saga...

  • Forgotten Love
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    He loved her so much. She loved him even more. But all of a sudden she couldn't remember all the love they both shared. Only time can tell if the Forgotten love would come back. ** He was dark chocolate in complexion his eyes where red and he smelt awful with a dirty brown toothpick which hanged lazily on the side of...

  • Her Fulani Prince (Preview)
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    "Anee place your hand here" he said using his index finger to point to his chest and I slowly place my hand there feeling his heartbeat in fast motion.. A mixture of happiness and live with pure ever after. "What do you feel?" He asked "Your heart beating extremely fast" "That's my life with you inside" he smiles s...

  • Just the two of us 💍
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    "There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be..." "This story is a gripping tale of desire , jealousy , and unforgettable characters as real as the emotions that bring them together" This is a story about Khadija afrah and afaan , want to know more add to your library and read on , you won't regret t...

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    JAWAHIR is the only daughter to a single mother hajiya saratu who forced her into an arranged marraige to the son of her childhood best friend hajiya Aisha who turned out to be the most arrogant guy she has ever come across Muhammad. Will the marriage work out? Will Muhammad be a good husband? Will she be able to adj...

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     She was not an ordinary lady. Even the texture of her hair was alluring, she has perfectly arched brows and long eyelashes that rest beautifully on her cheekbones. Her deep hazel orbs, they sent shivers down the spine of people. Her subtle skin catches eyes from the first glimpse, and a touch from her is toe curling...

  • 💖💝 YUSRA💖💝
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    Meet Salma Tahir, a timid, shy and intelligent practicing Muslimah. Being a Muslimah means arranged marriage, been arranged to an egoistical CEO or so she had been told means heartbreak. Salma had been married for a year and she had never set her eyes on him, been alone in a new country she set up her cafe with the he...

  • My Wife Or My Neighbor
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    Dr. Umar AbdulQadir, A Caring and Loving Husband to Haajarah who is Busy with life In the process ignoring her husband and child. When Haajarah starts getting doubt about him having an extra marital affair with their Widowed Neighbor, Ummu Roomaan. Despite the Eternal Love Umar has for her, The doubt in her heart mad...

  • Rumaitha ✔️(EDITING)
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    (Editing in process). Meet Rumaitha the daughter of the rich oil tycoon Alhaji Muhammad umar . She's beautiful, smart , respect people especially her elders and very religious... . . . . . . . . . . Amir Abdullahi a handsome heir to his father's multi billionaire company ... He does not believe in love after his e...

  • Favorite Writer
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    It's all about my favorite writer here on wattpad, her Name is Nafisatu and she's from Katsina State One more thing, please don't mind the English i know it will be so boring but with time I'll definitely make it Insha Allah

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    Love Triangle! Hamal Janaan Aalam It's between three young beautiful people that always have each other's back, or do they not? Well, it got tangled because one of them decided that he won't get along with his heart and worked with his head which tousled and knotted everything in the very beginning. Janaan gave him a...

  • How We met❤
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    We all love listening to how couples do meet, it's like a fairytale.... So add this up to know how different stories from different couples on how they met. *** "Salam excuse me, I don't know if I should do this or not but since I'm here just listen. I don't care if you're seeing someone or not but I'll like you to h...

  • Mi Corazon( My Heart)
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    How does it feel married to d love of ur life...happy? Let found out in d journey of love between two beautiful and lovely couples %%%% Khadija Muhammad kabir and Ahmad Aliyu........ Love is everything!!!!!!!!

  • Mallam Garba's House
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    Salamatu smiled and scoffed, her signature evil gesture. This was not the first time her husband Mallam Garba was bringing a new wife into their home and she was sure it's not going to be the last, but what she was most certain about is that, this new wife, just like the 18 others that left before her, would not live...

  • My Young Love ✅
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    I was 15 when I first noticed the sadness, loneliness and longing in my Baba's eyes, perhaps it had been there all the while but he was so good at hiding it or perhaps, I was too young to understand.

  • SULTAN {Preview}
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    #1 in Sultan, more times than I can count. "Promise me, promise me oh brother, that you will take care of Sultan, promise me you will rule this Empire justly and truthfully in my absence. Promise me you will guard the throne for him, and when he reaches the age of 21, promise me you will marry a righteous woman for h...

  • The Story Of Us
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    Life doesn't always end with a happily ever after. Life is an epitome of sweet and sour. Life is an epitome of bitter and sweet. Life is not a bed of roses. Life offers you honey today, and decides to hand you lime the next. Surrounding occurrences in my life and that of the people around me, shaped me into who I am t...

  • Tales Of Aliyah
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    EDITING.. The life and struggles of a gleeful, ecstatic seventeen years old Aliyah Muhammad Rufai, a girl who once lived a happy simple life with less worries and more fun. When time passes, Destiny changed the one and only Trouble maker to someone different. The change lasted forever. Read and find out..

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    She was naive and obedient. He was arrogant and a jerk. Her parents want her to get married to her cousin brother. His father said he's too young to get married. Will it really Happen? Hmm, join me in the journey of these two people; Komal and Bahdith. . . Thank you! 😊

  • AYLA
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    meet Ayla, A beautiful Hausa girl. she falls in love with a guy named fazil. they will face challenges from different angles,problems here and problems there. will they end up together? find out in this amazing journey of life, friendship and love. tears will be shed, love and hatred will be shown and most import...

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    Meet Maryam a 23 years old. She had many trials in life as her destiny.Her wedding was cancelled 4 times. You will get to know what is the reason behind the cancellation.

  • Ya Amar (My Moon)
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    He was her love. He makes her heart beat. He gave her feelings she never felt. His honey wheat eyes captivates her. His sincerity melts her heart. His attitude races it. He returned everything with the best love he could ever give. They were each other's happiness. His joy was her joy. His laughter was her relieve. Ev...

  • Her Job Or Her Husband #WATTYS2019
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    Previously known as 'Aysha' Aysha gripped the phone to her ear as her friend Dina goes on and on about her not taking care of her husband. "Why on earth would you leave your marital house a day after your wedding to go to work? I mean come on woman!" Dina yelled, she was so disappointed of her friend. "Dina my Job is...

  • Married To The Love Of My Life.
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    Love is sweet, yet more as fresh fruit than candy or confectionary. Love is colourful, yet more as summer blooms than the neon lights of frenetic city streets. Love is steady and forgiving, yet more as the wise mother than the servant in chains. Love hears and speaks with the wisdom of the heart, with a sense of the s...

  • Trust You [TRUE STORY]
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    21 year old Emaan Reyaz lived a normal life as a teen and still can't get over the fact that she is now an adult. Her family has arranged a marriage to her mother's friend's son, Yassef Ibrahim, a boy who Emaan still yet despises for his actions and words. After moving in with each other the week after their nikah, E...