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  • Daddy||Ryden
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    I was 11 when I wrote this, this was written 2015-2016. This fic is not edited at all, I wouldn't read it. Also, this fic has nothing to do with sex, it's a kid fic. I picked the title because I knew it would get a lot of reads. ✔️Brendon Urie has a son Ryan Ross is a waiter

  • Play Date; Ryden
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    sequel to Training Wheels; Brendon and Ryan never spent a day without each other. But, oh, how things can change. One word: College.

  • It's just the truth||Ryden
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    ✔️Ryan Ross likes "girly" clothes Brendon urie is a asshole

  • alphabet boy ; ryden
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    "you think youre smarter than me with all your bad poetry." brendon was popular and did reckless things, like any normal rebellious teenager. partied often and bad douche friends. ryan was a smart kid with high grades. avoided drugs and alcohol and had nice friends. so when the two become friends, it's quickly a to...

  • milk - ryden
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    we've all read the milk fic. and we've all regretted it.

  • Blood Red Wine | Ryden & Completed
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    [ ryden; trigger warning; completed] Ryan Ross is the prince in a rather lower-ranked kingdom, with a homophobic ass of a father. Life's boring for this lonely, gay, prince until he wakes one day to the sound of a crash- and something squirming on his floor. He's quick to find- and fall in love with- the criminal who...

  • terms ⇢ ryden
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    ryan is masculine. brendon is feminine.

  • I Wanna Be Loved [Ryden] [BOOK THREE]
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    [BOOK #3 IN THE HEARTBREAKER TRILOGY] After Ryan swoops in and offers to help Brendon escape his abusive marriage with his fiancé, Sarah Orzechowski, Brendon's almost certain Ryan and him are cool. Ryan and Brendon, however, still have some holes in their relationship to patch up, with the help of Dallon and Ian. Bren...

  • anything | ryden [✔️]
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    • love can make you do crazy things... •Warning; four words per chapter

  • Achievement Unlocked [Ryden]
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    brendon urie's a closeted gay, a mama's boy, and in love with hockey. one night during a sleep over with his totally-straight best friend, dallon, he gets an invite over minecraft; a game he hasn't played in a while. once he's not-so-accidentally outed in school, he's able to meet the boy who sent him the invite; ryan...

  • It's Just A Lie (ryden)
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    this was my first ryden fic. I wouldn't read this, it was made in 2015. Nothing is grammatically correct, the plot is somewhat decent. ✔️Ryan Ross likes girl clothes Brendon Urie is a church boy

  • Training Wheels; Ryden
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    From Preschool on, Brendon and Ryan grew up together. They laughed together, they cried together. And together, they felt feelings they'd never felt before.

  • •●Kik●• {Frerard, Ryden, Joshler, Etc.}
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    some annoying lowercase conversation and a lot of gay