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  • Of Crowns and Curses (Hiatus; Editing)
    134 24 18

    MOVED FROM OLD ACCOUNT BOOK ONE OF THE CURSED SERIES. Everyone knows how deadly a curse can be, but what happens when a curse goes horribly wrong? When a witch accidentally plagues the earth after trying to cast an eternal slumber curse, an entire world begins to crumble. The plague not only kills people, but sparks...

  • Fury's Kiss
    248 76 7

    The Elders said it would never work. A hybrid slave and an Egyptian King -- their love would be like fire on fire, the kind of blaze that could only ever end in ashes. They were wrong, of course. Jezza knew it would end in Fury. ...

  • Blood of the Empire [COMPLETED]
    43.4K 3.5K 65

    In an Empire that was said to be more powerful than the armies of the Gods, a storm has begun to brew. Its cause? A woman. And not just any woman; the most powerful warrior to have ever ruled; whose steps cause the very ground to quake in fear; who can silence anyone before her. Lady Nila Taraani seems perfect. She wa...

  • SACROSANCT: Book One of the Twilight Concord
    204 38 5

    Magic. Betrayal. War. The Kathani elite have long eyed the lands of Enos. Its lush fields and snowcapped mountains, copper deserts and azure seas all yearn to be invaded, plundered, broken and burned. When a betrayal between the ruling houses kickstarts an invasion, those tied through luck or misfortune to the plot wi...

  • Fear's Union
    147 38 51

    Anejo has always battled against the natural order of things - she is nobility, but she plays at being a soldier. And her reckless streak often brings her notoriety, where all she actually wants is to hide away. Trouble follows where she treads, but will she be a force for good or a force for bad? And Keles has the un...

  • The Steel Princess
    989 22 22

    Skye was never meant to rule. The third child of Eskeleth's king, it's her place to practice the skills of war and death, to protect her country and the older sister who will be queen. She's spent six years learning the ways of an assassin, preparing to do just that. Disaster has befallen Eskeleth's royal family, thou...

  • These Mortal Threads
    692 91 16

    ***Returning Soon!*** ***Previous chapters have been relabeled "Original" as they are from the previous edition. For the newer edition of the story, please read chapters labeled "Revised" as they are published. Thank you!*** The earth crumbles, nations battle for supremacy, and a creature of fire and smoke is on the h...

  • The Waterfall Traveler: Book 1
    107 20 4

    "A gripping, harrowing adventure tale propelled by a complex, mythology-inflected plot."―Kirkus Reviews All eighteen-year-old Ri wants is to cure her adoptive father Samuel from his hallucination-inducing illness. Everyone in her village tells her it's impossible. But when she meets two newcomers in the forest-a gruff...

  • Heart of Apophis
    552 44 5

    When dealing with ancient artifacts, make sure you read all the transcripts before touching it. You'll thank me later.

  • The Cyborg Sorcerer
    661 51 10

    Like heroes, sorcerers are not born. They are made. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Leonardo Castor has been thrown beneath the shadows of his older brother Solomon like a forgotten blanket-and has had enough of the years of neglect and ridicule he has been forced to contend with. For all his intelligence and wit, Leo can't e...

  • Bound
    99 18 5

    I am a fake. They call me the Lady Verra of Cornwall, but I am not. She never existed. Nevertheless, I was sent to Camelot to marry the heir of King Uther Pendragon. I am to bring peace in the form of an marital alliance to my kingdom or my sisters will die. I am to live out the rest of my life under scrutiny. Co...

  • Summer's Envoy [On Temporary Hiatus]
    503 71 7

    Magic is gone. In the midst of a brutal war between the world of magic and the world of man, humans have raided the ruling courts of the Fae and cut the rest of the Faerie world off from attaining new magic. Seros, a dishonored Dark Elf soldier of the Winter court, and Àineia, the dnvoy of Summer, must work together d...

  • In Love and War
    331 46 11

    "I am the queen. And queens do not love monsters." He chuckled and brushed his lips against her ear. "Oh, little girl. I am much worse than a monster." In a world of gods and monsters, one queen will stop at nothing to save her country, armed with nothing more than her wits and skills with a knife. But not only will h...

  • The Last Paladin of Highmoore: The Legends of Valoria
    60 11 16

    "When the heart of malice beats again and the one who has fallen enacts her unholy vengeance, the Forsaken shall march with fire and death upon the lands of Valoria. In their time of need, Aneira's shield shall appear among the people gleaming green and gold and safeguard the divine as they rise to again seal away the...

  • To Betray a Master (Adult Dark Fantasy) **Sample Only**
    3.5K 89 2

    This book is now available for presale on Amazon! Aurianna spent her life fighting. It was her calling, her purpose, and her greatest glory. If only it were so easy to fight fate. In an infernally corrupted hellscape, paladins serve the Goddess Afodisia in her war against the demons. Aurianna is among Afodisia's favor...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jack Hansard Series: Season One
    15.1K 1.2K 24

    Jack Hansard is the man who can sell you anything. Luck in a bottle, fame in a box, dreams on a leash, you name it: if he doesn't have it, he'll convince you he has something better. He's a trader on what's known as the Black Market - the occult Black Market, that is. If you're in need of that extra special something...

  • Magika [Completed]
    76.5K 6.7K 39

    [Watty's 2017 Shortlisted] Every cape needs a magician, and every magician a cape. That's what Aldeheid was told. A cape killer, an exiled Prince. That's what Aldeheid had become. After being banished from his home at the Etheria Bastion, Aldeheid finds himself homeless and hopeless. But a chance encounter with the my...

  • The River Runs Red
    1.9K 201 16

    ☆ A Song of Ice and Fire meets The Lord of the Rings ☆ ♡ HIGHEST RANKING #653 IN FANTASY 01/09/2017 ♡ A king dies without naming one of his twin sons heir. The kingdom is thrown into chaos as a consequence, with each of the twins playing his own game to win the thrown. Meanwhile, nobles from every corner of the realm...

  • Threads of Fate
    563 74 13

    As rebellion stirs again, Vivalda's plans for a semblance of revenge comes crashing down with the news of her immediate marriage. Those who think they can whisk her off to another nation, do not know her at all.

  • King of Crows
    421 45 8

    One warlord overthrows an empire. Two factions go to war. And three criminals must protect the last heir to the kingdom with their lives. Ever since Daren Foster can remember he has served the high king of Cathedra as a lowly messenger. But when his beloved king is killed Daren is entrusted with an impossible task: F...

  • The Hand That Feeds You: A Tale of Harbreak Challan
    448 78 13

    See Segment One for Book Trailer! In the aftermath of a bloody rebellion in the Beggars' Quarter, the Overlord of the City State of Chimerion takes in a foundling; the orphaned whelp of the rebel leader himself. The Overlord intends to groom him to replace his natural heir, a foppish wastrel of a youth, unfit to rule...

  • The Prophecy of Water | ✔️
    25.4K 3K 51

    [Wattys2018 Shortlist] [Bootcamp Mentorship Mentee 2020] [Insidious Awards - 1st place/Action/Adventure] "Squinty, I... Help me! Please! You have to help me!" Squinty huffed at him as the horse might snort at an annoying fly it couldn't get rid of. "A...a... an apple," he stammered. "I just... stole an apple!" ---- ...