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  • Confessions of a Serial Killer: Cynthia Young
    622 138 20

    Searching through the 50 cent bin at her therapist's bookstore, Cynthia Young found a book entitled "Confessions of a Serial Killer." Except it was her name on the cover. *** Open Novella Contest 2020 Shortlister

  • Murder So Sinister (ONC 2020) {COMPLETED}
    759 123 23

    **ONC III 2020 Honourable Mention** Inspector Henri Fraser is troubled by his current case. An unlikely object connects a chain of unusual murders. The Holy Book of El Olam, a spiritual treasure, kept in the possession of members of the Prophet Society, a fellowship of religious individuals. When the latest victim is...

  • The Mystery of the Lakeshore Ltd - An Eleanor and Lydia Mystery
    1.3K 261 12

    My entry for the 2020 Open Novella Contest. When Eleanor's great-granddaughter, Lydia, shows up seeking her help, the "retired" detective knows she has no choice but to spring into action once again. Lydia has been attending classes at a local university and has great admiration for one of the teaching assistants who...

  • Crepuscule | Gates of the Underworld: Book 1
    1.1K 152 19

    FEATURED ON THE DAUNTLESS READING LIST ON THE BADASS READS PROFILE ------- *Book 1 in the Gates of the Underworld Series* *Inspired by Thanatos* ~*~ "The future is subjective...and while you can change it, that doesn't make it any less scary." ~*~ Chloe Callahan is just a girl living in Angelwood with a big secret. S...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Janus Project (ONC 2020 - WINNER!)
    6.4K 1.1K 22

    "Can I suggest you remove the fangs?" the jester added with a grin. "Otherwise, this will be a kiss neither of us will forget any time soon!" When undercover investigator Kai Ewans is sent to Londa to hunt down a serial killer, he doesn't expect to fall in love with the lead detective on the case at a fancy dress part...

  • Circle Of Caim
    88.5K 5.9K 54

    One for his rage Two for his loyal mage Three for a twisted mind And Four for the betas by his side Five for his dark growl Six for his experience howl Seven for his flawless skills Eight for his merciless kills Nine for a chilling name Ten for Beware Of Slade. *** "Tonight, a lover will be greeted with the corpse o...

  • Revenge (Book 1, the Redemption Series)
    128K 4.9K 51

    Jake Bryant, a disgraced Chicago detective, inserts himself into a police investigation to protect the woman he loves - the widow of his murdered best friend. ***** Jake Bryant, a disgraced Chicago PD detective, rushes home after he learns of his be...

  • The Canefield Killer
    186K 6.3K 42

    A serial killer stalks Barbados and Detective John Riley returns to the island to stop them before they turn their attention to the people closest to him. ***** A serial killer stalks the tropical paradise of Barbados, leaving victims naked in canef...

    Completed   Mature
  • Breaking Steele (Sarah Steele Legal Thriller)
    372K 27.3K 58

    From USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Aaron Patterson, the New York Times bestselling BREAKING STEELE. Who is Sarah Steele? The successful, happy ADA or the wild, angry vigilante? Sarah Steele has a lot to prove. Foster care brat turned successful Assistant District Attorney, she's enjoying her magica...

  • The Dangerous Ones [✔️] (#1 in the Chilvati Series)
    1.7M 100K 69

    [COMPLETED] *Steamy* "Let's get one thing straight." His tone was as stern as his grip. "We don't make idle threats. No need to." The harsh stare slid down to her mouth. "We take what we want." In the deteriorating Southeast district of Los Angeles, police struggle to control the ongoing success of a notorious crime f...

    Completed   Mature