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  • Along Came the Devil
    439 19 2

    A quick exercise about a murderer and his family.

  • Fighting for You (Open Novella 2020) [Completed]
    1.6K 436 26

    [ONC 2020 Ambassador's Picks] Days before the first Battle of the Somme, John Wilson, a young soldier stuck in his brother's shadow, meets the enigmatic Charlie Robinson. Cast out from the friendships of their fellow soldiers for unpopular views, they form a close bond straightaway; one that they vow the war will neve...

    Completed   Mature
  • As the Crows Fall | ONC 2020 Grand Winner
    2.2K 274 18

    ONC 2020 Grand Winner ~ ~ "When the halls run red with the poison of your life, I will rest. Until then, consider your ruin a promise of mine." ~ ~ Four years ago, Yin Ruwei sold her blood to the northern god Xuanwu in return for revenge. Now, after years of perfectly orchestrated deaths at hands that are not her own...

  • Game of Mass Destruction
    6.7K 544 52

    Yuzuko's perfect world is disturbed when she is forced to take part in the 30th season of Game of Mass Destruction, a reality tv show where twenty contestants have to fight robots and each other for a chance to become a billionaire. Each robot they destroy gives points, but extra points are rewarded for acts of sex an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Era of Greed [✔ COMPLETE] (Chrim Chronicles #1)
    9.6K 1.3K 36

    Book #1 in the Chrim Chronicles series •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A small town, perhaps not far from yours, has been keeping a secret since it was founded six centuries ago and has managed to carry its secret into the world of iPhones and social media. In this town, humans are peaceful n...

  • The Latibule [ A dark Young Adult novel]
    85.4K 4.8K 83

    FEATURED Wattpad Book (July 26, 2017) #4 in Science Fiction (28-07-2016 00:12) Hotlist. #6 in post-apocalypse #32 in thriller When you see a black-red butterfly, remember these warnings: 1.) Avoid at all cost 2.) Do not be deceived by its beauty 3.) Do not try to touch it...

  • Ink Stained
    94.2K 7.3K 124

    ❝The world is a madhouse, and all the people in it are delusional and blind.❞ Pai Momozono can see 'monsters' of long-forgotten folklore. As she watches the shaky balance of the status quo that keeps two halves of one world crumble, she has to uncover the secrets of the three years she can't remember to find out which...

  • Carrion Girl (Wakeful Dead, #1)
    122K 6.6K 47

    Having survived a brutal attack on his family home which left his parents dead and his younger sister withdrawn into a shell of her own, Silas Ashveigh has spent the past seven years compiling a personal hit list. He runs a curio shop under a pseudonym by day but, by night, carries out his vicious executions without f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Running With Scissors
    239K 13.8K 43

    Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Peter Katz hires a hitman to take him out. But when a cure is discovered, Peter's got to outrun the assassin to stay alive! ***** When douchebag lawyer Peter Katz gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, he wants to die painlessly. Still, death seems to elude his every attempt, so he hir...

  • The Rose Killer ✔️
    469K 35.3K 68

    ☆FEATURED PICK & WATTYS SHORTLISTED☆ An assassin with a heart of gold must purge the city of its shadows. ----- Hunted as a traitor by a ruthless organization of killers, Elyra Ross must flee her home under penalty of death. Starting a new life in a distant land is never easy, but Elyra has a plan: learn how to surviv...

    Completed   Mature