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  • Do you love me?
    31.5K 674 10

    Lucy and Jordan both heirs to there families multi-million pound company and when they are both told there in an arranged marriage how will effect them both, will one cope more than the other and how will Jordan act about Leo, Lucy's son!

  • 3 Years (GirlxGirl)
    121K 2.7K 19

    Amber O'Brien a college student getting married with the biggest model celebrity.

    Completed   Mature
  • And I've Never Felt This Way Before (Lesbian Story)
    242K 6.9K 30

    Kimberly Wember has never been in love. She's beautiful , arragont , and capable of getting anyone she desires. She has no regard for anyone's hearts she might have broken as long as she gets what she wants from them. Sex. What happens when the one person she would have never expected - changes everything. The same p...

  • Come Back To Me (Lesbian Story)
    155K 4.2K 17

    The story continues from Let Me Love You Again. Ellie and Samantha finally meet while Samantha is back in Los Angeles for Christmas vacation. They try to avoid anything that could lead them back into where they left off, but it's harder than it seems. Will they finally have the future they've always dreamed of? Or wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let Me Love You Again (Lesbian Story)
    373K 8.4K 24

    Ellie is mostly known as the lesbian player, dropping girls left and right after getting what she wants. Rarely ever getting too attached to anyone she messes around with. She soon discovers that Samantha, the only girl she truly had feelings for, has returned after moving almost two years ago. Can she change her ways...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just a Royal Mess (GirlxGirl)
    143K 5.5K 48

    What do you think happens when 2 unlikely people meet in a situation that might seem normal to other people but are very weird for the 2 people involved. That's what happened with Ms Eleanor. Francesca's cousin whose on the run from her royal family. why do you ask? well, shes got her demons. trying to run from them s...

  • Purpose (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story)
    548K 21.2K 36

    Emery Morrison is a rebellious theatre major who was awarded the lead role for the musical of Beauty and the Beast for fall semester while Julian Wang is the star of the women's basketball team and an unorthodox member of Tri Delta sorority. Both live two completely different lives but somehow they find each other on...

  • I Hate That I Love You (girlxgirl)
    337K 6K 28

    Danny always thought she was straight, until she met Ash. As they get closer, Danny realizes she's developing feelings for Ash. But girls aren't supposed to like girls, right? Danny is getting more and more confused each day. Will she accept what she is, or will she push it away?

  • Secrets In Paradise (GirlxGirl)
    910K 26.7K 67

    "Love." "A four letter word that everyone is bound to feel someday in their life. For me, those four letters could be spelt out as hell and it still wouldn't compare to how it made me feel. Why couldn't cupid shoot someone else instead of me? Why did his stupid arrow have to pierce my heart and wound it? Why did he cu...

  • Is this Love or a Tease
    88.6K 1.7K 20

    Read and find out

  • Casual Layovers
    73.2K 3.1K 22

    Avery Jennings and Ryan Shaw are both leaving New York on Christmas morning to fly home to Seattle. By chance, they are seated in the same row and strike up a conversation that only complete strangers might be comfortable with. Avery's past is filled with hurt and regret and when she and Ryan meet, she has just ended...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stressed Spelled Backwards |Lesbian Story|
    258K 14.7K 25

    Azra Kononovich and her two best friends are about to have the ultimate experience in New York City. They're going to spread their wings and live like the wild girls they dream to be. Now all they have to do is just say yes to everything: new adventures, new jobs, and probably new sweethearts. Easy, right? Wrong. Li...

  • Book 1 of Twisted: I Heart ? {Lesbian Romance}
    999K 9.9K 61

    Probably the biggest love triangle ever. After enrolling in to McKinley High, Avery, Erica and Victoria found themselves sucked into a world of romance, fun, sadness and trouble. What would you do when the one you like, likes someone else and that someone else likes you? Read on to find out... Laughters guaranteed.

  • At Scarlet's Wedding [Sequel]
    62.7K 3.1K 42

    {GirlXGirl} {Author's Note: This is a sequel to the book "At Vanessa's Wedding", and continues after the completion of that book. If you want to read this story, you'll have to read that book first to understand what's happening in this one.} Three years have passed since the wedding of the year, and Lauren and Scarle...

  • At Vanessa's Wedding
    151K 5.9K 22

    [GirlXGirl] When Scarlet gets her heart broken by the only person she loved the most, she finds herself going back to the family she had left behind. An unexpected person follows her to her hometown and that's when all the drama begins. A family that didn't even invite her to her only sister's wedding. Lies, secrets a...

  • I Peed Myself In Front Of My Crush
    92.7K 3.9K 31

    [GirlxGirl] All I knew then was that, one moment I was in front of my class and a moment later, the whole class was laughing at me. Publish Date: March 3, 2017 Completed On: January 1st, 2018 All rights reserved. Copyright 2020 by JumpMeIfUWanna

  • Wisp of Destiny
    48.4K 1.1K 16

    Aaralyn Hobbs is closed herself off to bond that touch her heart―set against the domain of blades and rocks. Her astonishing persistence for knowledge, groundbreaking researches and sharp insights on unbridled virtuosity are round the clock, the way she always understand it. But, somehow through plain or luck her unli...

  • The Girl with no Emotions (GirlxGirl)
    549K 19.1K 35

    I was only 7 when I met her, but we had an instant connection. We were inseperable. She was always happy and joyful around me, but me on the other hand, I was a completely different story. I suffered a disorder that caused me to have no emotions. I told her my condition and she understood, but one day she dissapeared...

  • All because of a "STUPID PROMISE"
    53.7K 1.9K 15

    Gianne has a very unusual life. She has a gifted mind and very talented but because of her difference from others she was bullied, thus she was forced to be homeschooled. Because she's practically genius, she was able to finish her studies at an early age and was entrusted to take over their company. She's been use...

  • Her Duchess |Lesbian Story|
    219K 14.2K 19

    Violet Wintour is a controversial heiress in the 21st-century high society, but not for the same reasons other rich kids of London are. Her father, the Duke of Avebury, passed away with a family will that leads to a surprising twist. Across the world, Clare Leighton is living a modest life. Years of struggling with...

  • Get it Together, Sam (Lesbian Story)
    137K 4.9K 23

    In life, there are many firsts. A first kiss. A first love. A first heartbreak. I, Sam, would like to share all of that with you, my life story. My love story. The story of how I found my one true love and the struggles that I went through to realize just who is truly meant for me. It's a little cliche but love storie...

  • Extraordinary Her
    79.3K 2.2K 18

    Addison Fleur Hayes is one of the most well-known businesswomen in the world. At a young age, she was already trained to be the heir to their multi-billion business. Now at the age of 25, she is now the most well-known businesswomen who own a multi-billion company and a single mom of her 3-year-old daughter Scarlet. O...

  • I Dare You to Kiss Me
    1.4M 47.1K 36

    After Emory became next door neighbors with Maizy, she slowly realizes she's been falling for her. Does Maizy feel the same? Why not find out through a classic game of truth or dare? What could go wrong? Highest ranking: #63 in romance Highest seen tag rankings: #1 in bisexual #1 in wattpride #2 in lgbt #5 in gxg #5 i...

  • I Hate You (girlxgirl)
    2M 59.8K 42

    This is a girlxgirl story. June Parker absolutely hated Adrienne Andrews. She's hated her ever since Adrienne pushed her down the stairs in the second grade, ratted her out for cheating on a history test in the fourth, and especially when she stole the deserving title of volleyball captain from her. Adrienne Andrews...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling inlove with a Female
    116K 3.8K 41

  • What If I Told You (Lesbian Story)|Editing|
    480K 13.3K 39

    Riley is the type of girl who can get what she wants when she wants it. She's the type who thinks commitment only belongs on the Soccer field, that playing girls is all apart of the game. Alex soon meets this overly popular girl at Rosewood Academy, a boarding school that is full of rich kids and insane parties. Thoug...

  • 15 Days With You
    2.8M 25.7K 6

    [AVAILABLE IN AMAZON] "15 days." When 23-year-old Sandra Hayley Harrison applied for her mediocre cubicle job, there was no doubt in her mind that she would live day to day in ridiculous mediocrity. When you choose a drama-free work environment, you get no drama. That's just how science works. That is until someone li...

  • The Secret Beast (GirlxGirl)
    180K 6.8K 32

    Annie Storm, a Mythical God undercover as a simple human. Having the power to control all creatures, but decides to keep to herself. Annie only wanted a normal life, but after her Brother and Uncle enrolled her into a Mythic High school, she soon figured out that normal wasn't what she wanted. She wanted freedom, secu...

  • Somewhere Only We Know (editing)
    4.1M 76.2K 36

    Proud Watty Winner “I can’t let you go Gabriel”, My eyes grew wide I didn’t know what to do I was shocked Ash was kissing me and I like it all my thoughts went away and my mind went blank. I closed my eyes as my mouth started to move with hers you know that electric feeling you’re supposed to get when you’re with you’...

  • Let me hear your thoughts [camren - au]
    383K 14K 16

    Lauren isn't normal. She can read minds. Hear minds. It's both a blessing and a curse. If she had a choice, she'd pick being normal in a heartbeat. Except that day. -- If you're reading this, read Kill next.