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  • arcade, it preferences
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    【 IT PREFERENCES! 】 ❛ welcome to the losers club, asshole! ❜ ( it preferences and imagines. ) ( 2017 characters and cast. ) © wallcrawlers 2017

  • Preferences ~ [it cast]
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    Started 09.26.17 Ended ? "If they love you to death, never die on them." ~ Drake People: Finn, Jaeden, Jack, and Wyatt

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    the title says it a lot my dudes.

  • What if? (Be more Chill- Boyf Riends Meremy)
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    What if the SQUIP never helped Jeremy be popular? What if the SQUIP was actually like that one annoying friend that you have but keep because they're a precious cinnamon roll? What if the SQUIP tried to help Jeremy ask Michael out on a date? This story is complete, but I'm doing bonus chapters (Although, I suppose the...

  • Beautiful (Jd x Veronica) discontinued
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    Veronica Sawyer was officially tired of hanging out with the most popular girls in school and just wanted someone around who genuinely cared about the words coming out of her mouth. okay hi this is like my first official "fanfic" i guess. ive made some before but the were absolutely crap so. anyway this isnt really ba...

  • IT Cast ▪ Imagines
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    ~IT cast imagines~ •(remake 2017)•

  • IT imagines
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    IT CAST WHAT DO YOU THINK some will be smutty I guess,but when there like older I'll try to do prefrences when I can I guess

  • they're gazebos! - IT
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    2019 update ;; why are y'all still reading this it's so cringey on hiatus [requests are? ; closed] preferences and imagines for IT(2017) includes: bill denbrough beverly marsh (gxg) richie tozier eddie kaspbrak ben hanscom mike hanlon stanley uris - i've also started doing imagines for the cast - including: jaeden l...

  • it cast imagines (;
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    in which aster is writing cringy imagines highest rank: #39 in random wyatt and jack are not in my first few chapters, please do not comment about it. it makes me upset. thank you! started - 9.2.18 ended - 1.6.19

    Completed   Mature
  • TreeBros One Shots
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    One Shots of TreeBros from Dear Evan Hansen (DEH) ConnorXEvan WARNINGS: Fluff Smut Swearing Self Harm Suicide Other mature themes

  • Treebros(a supernatural DEH fanfic){COMPLETED}
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    Read the title👆🏻 Warning ⚠️ this book will contain smut, and blood,read at your own risk

  • Crayons - Be More Chill - Boyf riends
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    Based off of the kindergaren AU created by well, me!

  • Lover pics
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  • you look good in thigh highs
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    If you're into texting phan, general phan, smut :) , or innocent!dan and fuckboy!phil and major daddy kinks then you've come to the right place

  • Courage In A Crutch ~Newsies Fanfic~
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    When Jack Kelly escapes the refuge, he leaves behind fragile, weak Lucille. · So when she turns up on his doorstep, there's talking to be done. · After getting a job as a newsie, she grows close to Crutchie. Really close. · But what happens when newspaper prices go up? · One answer. . Tolerance levels go down. . With...

  • Best friends
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    This story is about two girls who are next door neighbors and become best friends and maybe even more than friends...

  • Heere To Stay | Stepbrothers AU
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    A BMC/DEH texting fic in which Heidi and Mr. Heere are married,making Evan and Jeremy stepbrothers. Many popular ships,Maybe some oneshots with less popular ships. You'll just have to read to find out what happens!! Art Credit to bleventeen on tumblr/instagram.

  • Seth Says Words
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    Seth is special. This is a quote book alllllll for him. His wonderful account is Oceaniplier

  • always // treebros soulmate au
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    "y-you won't give u-up on me, right?" "you're my soulmate, darling. i will always fight for you. always." *** in this world, when you meet eyes with your soulmate, the world bursts into color. in new york city, connor murphy is unwillingly trudging across a busy street towards the penthouse in manhattan that his fathe...

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    John is in his third year of college, he is studying Marine Biology. Laurens loves the ocean and everything that has to do with it more than anything in this world, specially turtles, turtles are the best. That's why he goes to the beach that's near the college everyday. And I mean, every single day. But one day Joh...

  • I See You Waving - A "Dear Evan Hansen" Fan Fiction
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    BASED (I emphasis that because this will not be exactly like the stage version if you've seen it) on the actual musical plot, and the first "Dear Evan Hansen" fan fiction on Wattpad.

  • If It Means A Lot to You {Tree Bros}
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    Sequel to "Chasing Cars" Split up for college, Connor is faced with a new predicament, one much worse than dealing with his parents. He screwed up. He's 6 hours away from Evan Hansen, the love of his life, and holding a heavy secret. • • "If you can wait till I get home Then I swear come tomorrow this'll all be in our...

  • it cast imagines
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  • Stranger Things Imagines and Preferences
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    Just some imagines and preferences of all the kids of Stranger Things!. Feel free to send in requests!

  • Forest fire(Dear Evan Hansen)
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    Everyone is descended from spirits of the earth. Fire, earth, ice, wind, nature. They have abilities that correspond with their spirit. Connor is a raging fire. Evan in a tranquil forest. Will their combination be beautiful or catastrophic?

  • Smooth Lines
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    "Artist Connor would be such a beautiful thing" An idea based off a comment. A comment from a brave person who struggled to find their ground and grow. With the help of art she did... maybe the same will happen for Connor. ⚠️ Disclaimer: Extreme pain will be inflicted on my lovely characters. Examples are self harm...

  • It Characters & Cast Imagines/Preferences
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    Imagines and preferences written for the It movie (preferably 2017 but also 1990 although I wouldn't be able many cast imagines for the 1990 movie). Just request an imagine/oneshot or preference by sending me a message or leaving a comment. Please also include your hair/eye color, personality, maybe even your height...

  • In Your Dreams; Stranger Things Imagines and Preferences
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    (REQUESTS CLOSED) Hey, guys! This will be a book for Stranger Things Imagines and Preferences. This book is gender-inclusive I'm doing- -Will Byers -Lucas Sinclair -Dustin Henderson -Mike Wheeler -Eleven CAST -Noah Schnapp -Finn Wolfhard -Gaten Matarazzo -Caleb Mclaughlin -Millie Bo...

  • IT cast preferences/imagines
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    it cast imagines/preferences so basically what the title says?