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  • Here we are (sequel to Where Did He Go)
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    Evan and Jared were hit by a truck and declared deceased. How will Heidi, Samuel, Charles, Samuel, Connor, and Uncle Al deal with this? What will happen next?

  • Soft (Kleinsen)
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    We all know the story by heart at this point. °Boy loves girl. °Girl's brother dies. °Boy gets with girl. But in SOFT, we add a little more to the mix. A hint of truth, a pinch of confessions, a dash of love and a cup of drama is the perfect recipe for a slice of Kleinsen.

  • Kleinsen shit
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    Kleinsen head cannons, shitposts, and oneshots why not

  • Steam (Kleinsen)
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    Evan was born with water for hair. Jared was born with fire for hair. What happens when magic mixes with unborn children? Few know the answer. * * * This particular fanfic dabbles into Teeebros and Kleinphy/Conman as well as it's main focus, Kleinsen. This is an elements au in which Evan is water and Jared is fire. Ma...

  • •°~Kleinsen-Oneshots~°•
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    For a fren. Yeet. Btw you guys don't need your hearts right? Good. There's angst, fluff, and possibly smut. Idfk yet. Anyway enjoy the thing.

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    I looked up kleinsen pictures on Wattpad and I didn't see any books that just had kleinsen pics. I know many other ships and fandoms have things like this so I was like, OKAY ESGETIT! Enjoy my little kleinsen lovers🌈

  • Dandelions || Dear Evan Hansen
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    *SLOW-ISH UPDATES* {Art by leahlozer on PaigeeWorld} [THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED BY A WEBTOON] Evan Hansen has a disease. This disease is called the Fleurine Virus. This disease causes flowers to grow from your body in the springtime. People with this disease are called Flowerpots. Evan has this disease in his right eye...

  • Kleinsen Oneshots, Drabbles, and more.
    5.5K 159 3

    A DEH book dedicated to Kleinsen! WILL INCLUDE FLUFF, ANGST, AND SMUT! Warnings will be put before the chapter begins! Note: I will swear! It's basically my forté at this point, so I thought I should mention it for anyone who may not like that. - I've decided to get this back on the road. I've been having so many la...

  • Kleinsen One Shots
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    Let Jared love Evan 2k17 Triggers will be listed at the top of every story. I will take requests.

  • Lost and Found
    6.6K 411 5

    this is a Dear Evan Hansen fanfic. it's very gay. (Jared X Evan) if you don't like then don't read. I noticed that there aren't that many kliensen fanfics out there so I wanted to write one. basically Jared and Evan meet each other again in collage after the Connor Project. everything that happens in the show is can...

  • don't wanna drag you down // kleinsen soulmate au ((ON HIATUS))
    1.6K 87 6

    evan hansen is out of his comfort zone. kleinsen, jared and alana=ultimate brotp, and connor actually gets some help

  • More Than Family Friends (Kleinsen)
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    (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS) Dear Evan Hansen, Today might be a good day. You have friends, people who somehow can't see that you're just a mess of a person. Oh wait, one person can. Jared Kleinman. Jared, who probably wouldn't care if I dropped off the face of the earth. Jared, who has much better things to do than hang out...

  • Cute ~ A Kleinsen One Shot
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    A Jared x Evan soulmate AU

  • just too perfect // kleinsen
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    jared is just too perfect. creepily staring at him doesn't get evan further in economics, but it sure does give him time to appreciate his crush. kleinsen- three connected drabbles. give me my content if these two.

  • Not Based on a Lie
    3.5K 207 8

    "Jared... I need you here, please. I know I hurt you, but I need you to help me. I'm begging you." It Kleinsen y'all Set directly after So Big/So Small Cover's a placeholder Honestly I have no clue what the title's doing

  • •I Know You• Kleinsen
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    "Do I know you from somewhere?" "I don't believe so..." °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° quick lil thing~ It's been nine years since high school, Jared works at Starbucks and Evan needs help with life. there's not a lot of Kleinsen so I'm here to deliver. (slow updates)

  • Where did he go? {kleinsen} (COMPLETED)
    32.4K 2K 19

    (COMPLETED) Pretty angsty kleinsen book. It's kinda like my oneshot, 'jealous and alone' from my kleinsen oneshot book, but it's different.

  • We need more Kleinsen
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    First chapter published July 6, 2017 WE NEED MORE KLEINSEN MATERIAL. I'M OUT OF KLEINSEN MATERIAL SO I DECIDED TO MAKE SOME GOOD KLEINSEN SHIT FOR ALL Y'ALL. Give me suggestions because this little writer gets writers block very easily and he has a lot of good-ish ideas but yeah. Oneshots but I may decide to continu...

  • To Make You Laugh
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    Jared means well when he writes the emails, but it just throws Evan into a panic attack. Jared explains he only wants to make him laugh, to make him smile, but Evan's sense of humor is vastly different. Thankfully there's more than one way to make him laugh.

  • A Hidden Side
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    All the scenes from Dear Evan Hansen with Jared in, except told from Jared's point of view. Kleinsen for forever 💙

  • words fail . . . [ IN PROGRESS ]
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    jared likes quiet to the point you can hear all of the small breaths, all of the heartbeats, all of the love. ( a deh / kleinsen fic : unapologetically bxb : little to no plot as far as i know )

  • Ask/Dare Jared Kleinman
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    Make me suffer ;)

  • all we see is sky
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    jared realizes how much hes hurt evan, realizes how he was never there for evan, and most importantly, comes to terms with how gay he is for evan. i posted this on ao3 a while back but i crave Constant Validation so im sharing it here too, so if you wanna read other fics like this my ao3 name is in my bio

  • Beautiful Death
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    "The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals." Jared's feelings sank, he knew exactly who was to blame for the di...

  • ☽ deh // a whole bunch of kleinsen oneshots ☾
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    hi im maddie and im very bitter that this ship doesnt get as much love as it deserves so i wrote down a fuckload of oneshots to jot down my said bitterness thanks and please enjoy this quality content

  • Gay Kleinsen One Shots // Dear Evan Hansen
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    Gay Kleinsen one shots !!! Smut in some chapters !!!

  • ➳ Kleinsen Oneshots
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    This ship is so underrated and that angers me. May contain NSFW