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  • Dressed for Despair
    686 89 7

    After the incident, nothing is the same. Now forced to travel with the very people who betrayed her, Coral has to spend some time with her enemies. But it doesn't take long for them to discover that the very house they were sent to research contains hidden secrets that were never meant to be found. Coral suddenly find...

  • The Dead Play God
    95 16 4

    Young ghosts struggle to mourn their own deaths, suffering the loss of their living friends, family and lovers. Gambling the fates of the mortals below them, a pass time eventually tempts the purest of souls to do the most evil of things - fuelled by lust, jealousy, power and what only few can remember to be love.

  • Convulsion
    4.5K 451 36

    Lily Anderson is an ordinary girl in every way possible... if you exclude the peculiar gem she wears around her neck. She's never thought much about it, but she soon starts to realize that her necklace contains hidden powers she can't seem to control. Her life turns upside down on the day she meets Gwen, a mysterious...

  • Tainted Technicolour
    221 47 6

    Crazy in love or simply crazy? Love isn't all it's made out to be - especially infatuation. --- --- --- Highest rankings: #1 Paranoia