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  • Chasing Zero
    60.6K 2.7K 34

    Life is full of positive and negative numbers. Everyone in a negative is striving for a positive number, and those in the positives fight hard to stay up there. Sometimes it prompts them to fall down into the negatives. But there is one number everyone forgets about. Zero. Not Spencer. No. Not once have they ever forg...

  • ~Mchanzo Text~
    19.6K 636 30

  • Past Kisses, Future Wishes (McHanzo) [COMPLETED]
    14.8K 756 6

    "Your intentions were never pure"

  • McHanzo Oneshots
    48.3K 1.4K 15

    A bunch of McHanzo oneshots. Irregular updates. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments! ~Cover art by ishtrash on DeviantArt~

  • He's Probably Gonna Spit in My Drink
    30K 2.3K 5

    Caffeine deprived, stressed out college kid, Stephan, knows his barista hates him because the guy tells him so on the label of his cup every, single day. So why then does the bottom of the cup say something entirely different...? Wattpride featured selection!

  • 🌹 blood covered roses 🌹 hanahaki! Maxpres
    978 42 7

    It hurt.. it hurt so much, but it was all for him; Preston Goodplay. Hanahaki! Max x Preston

  • Stolen First Kiss
    42K 2K 6

    Snowbaz onshot. Baz just really wants to kiss Snow. I'm sorry if this is trash, it's my first Carry On fic.

  • SECRETS ONLY KILL ! ( maxpress )
    4.9K 258 10

    ❝ WHAT THE HELL? IT'S NOT LIKE I'M GONNA MURDER YOU ! ❞ ••• When Max and Preston start dating, they think nothing will be able to tear these two love birds apart. But one night, Max comes home drenched in red. He needs to keep it a secret, but we know theres no such thing as "to the grave". And in this case, secrets o...

  • He's the Blade (You're Just Paper) [Style Love Story]
    35.6K 3K 31

    They say that the obstacles lovers endure can only make you stronger, but for Stan Marsh that couldn't be more wrong.

  • Trying Too Hard [Bunny Love Story]
    23K 2.2K 23

    What you're about to read isn't just a story. It's not a simple novel or sequel to some ridiculous fanfiction. This isn't even a work of fiction at all. For me, this was a little too real.. If you think really hard, you might even learn something about these useless words your brain is absorbing. This could teach you...

  • Bite Me [Creek Love Story]
    214K 9.8K 23

    "You mean Tweek? He's annoying," it was a lie, I could never think of Tweek as annoying, but at the time I just wanted to be accepted as a decent human being. Someone people would want to be around, "The only reason I hang out with him anymore is because of the free coffee. He's a freak, really."

  • You're Full Of Suprises
    1.9K 112 10

    Max spends his free time playing his ukulele, rehearsing for the open mic nights at the local café. Preston is a loud theater nerd who finds Max at the open mic night, and confronts him about his hidden ukulele talents. MaxPres content, and mostly fluff and angst.

  • Drama Club [MaxPres]
    6.7K 201 17

    I plan on changing the name soon. Anyways, Max has been going in a nice town. His life is pretty peaceful until he finds out the Preston Goodplay from Camp is moving and going to the sane high school. Max thought he hated this man until he found himself in love with him. Max went to the point to join the Drama club fo...

  • five hours (bxb)
    116K 8.1K 7

    I never believed you could fall in love in five hours, until it happened to me.

  • Nerd Alert [BXB]✓
    5.6M 243K 30

    Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tutored by Alexander, hates most about him. Confusing feelings, a drunken party, and a month of tutoring was all it took to get Travis to realize he was...

  • Plenty of Wonders
    143K 8.1K 98

    Sanders Sides oneshots based on prompts I find it have been sent by people! (Please send me prompts!) BROTP's and OTP's obviously welcome! (btw literally made some of the tags up for BROTP ship names omg I can't breathe) (PROGIC OH MY GOD)

  • Matched
    3.9M 101K 25

    Olivia Hensen, the best matchmaker in NYC, is no stranger to dealing with hot-headed clients. She's dealt with it all, arrogance, wealth, stiff old men who felt like they deserved to find their match, and she's never had a problem until now. Nate Harper is beyond confident and borderline annoying. All he has to do...

  • Forbidden - [ Prinxiety / AnxietyXPrince ]
    224K 12K 39

    -[ Completed This was also written BEFORE we found out Morality's and Anxiety's name. Please stop commenting about that. I might change it soon ]- Dark and Light Emotions Can Never Talk To Each Other. It's Been Like That Since The Start Of Time. Some Of Them Live By That Rule, Others Want It To Change. But, Who Know...