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  • Diane X FEM! Reader. My GIANT love
    95.2K 2.8K 32

    y/n is a fox girl who is running from the holy knights and then stumbles across a tavern Calle "The Boar Hat". she notices a giant behind there and thinks she is very cute. she starts hanging out with the giant and eventually creates feelings for her, but she loves someone else. of course.

  • And There's Me (YANDERE Highschool dxd x Female reader)
    16.4K 339 7

    "WHY ME! OF ALL PEOPLE!" You have your Average Female Weeb, The outcast. Y/n's mother had to move to a new town. This school at first seems pretty odd, the males and females get more insane as Y/n stays. What will she do? a bunch of crazy yandere's are after this H/c-ed female. One thing is for sure. There is no escap...

  • Stall Doors (You/Dinah)
    239K 12.1K 39

    Who knew that stall doors could play a part in a love story? What happens when you harmlessly leave your phone number on a stall door at school? Everyone else does it so why not join in with the joke? Will it continue being your little joke or will it turn into something more?

  • Not What I Expected (Dinah/You)
    145K 5.5K 69

    She's all I ever wanted but not something I expected. This is a story about Y/N and how she never gets what she wanted. She always gets the exact opposite of what she wants. What happens when she falls in love with the girl that she never wanted from the beginning?

    Completed   Mature
  • The New Girl Dinah/You [On Hold]
    28.6K 1.2K 16

    Ever felt the need to know someone and dont know why? Cause I did.