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  • Bestfriend | Ethan Dolan
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    Just read the story Highest rank in FANFICTION #117

  • Dolan Twins Dirty Imagines
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    C'ya in hell you nasty bitches ✌️

  • Fuckboy's Babygirl
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    "So Mr.Dolan, how many girls have you done this too?" I teased Grayson while he painted my nails being all cute. "Just one." He said. "Who? Tiana? Debbie? Or Debby with the 'y'" I joked. He chuckled "You." He smirked and I stared at him. "Yeah whatever." I rolled my eyes in disbelief. "You actually think I'm goin...

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    [G.DOLAN; COMPLETED ] ❝Grayson, two words to describe what you see in Kendall.❞ ❝Basic Bitch.❞ * * * listen I wrote this book in like 2016 and it's sooooo cringe, so please read at your own risk!! MATURE CONTENT; CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED ©highkiisavage

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  • Living with a Fuckboy | g.d
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    adoration adəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ noun noun: adoration; plural noun: adorations 1.deep love and respect. Under editing

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  • Sex Slave | g.d. + e.d.
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    Tula would rather rot in hell than be the sex slave for the Dolans...